Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hamas terrorist government upset over aid cutoff by US and Canada: How dare we!

Palestinian Foreign Minister Mahmoud Zahar

The American and Canadian governments both pulled the plug on any direct dealings with Hamas and cut off aid...and the Palestinians were displeased, to say the least. US diplomats, officials and contractors were instructed to break off all contacts with the 24 Hamas-appointed government ministers and officials even if they are not members of the terrorist group. The Canadian government was quick to follow the US lead.

Newly installed Palestinian Foreign Minister Mahmoud Zahar went postal, ranting that the United States is biased toward Israel and is guilty of crimes against Muslims and Arabs.

"America is committing big crimes against the Arab and Islamic countries," Zahar told The Associated Press late Wednesday at his Gaza home. "This new decision will intensify the gap between the American people, American interests and the Middle East in general."

The United States and Israel have said they will not deal with the Hamas government unless it recognizes Israel's right to exist, renounces terrorism and respects all past commitments by the Palestinian Authority. Hamas' response has been to tell all concerned to go pound sand.

Zahar said Hamas would welcome aid from those wishing to help Palestinians overcome the Israeli occupation, "but if they are going to give this money to twist the neck of our national interests, we are not going to accept that."


Zahar also said his government would not cave in to international pressure to change its ways and had no plans to negotiate with or recognize Israel, or to give up `resistance' (read `violent terrorism aginst Israeli civilians').

Canada cut off aid to the Palestinians' new Hamas government shortly after it was sworn in Wednesday. Zahar had harsh words for them as well:

"Is the Canadian state willing to starve the Palestinian people while the Israelis are committing major crimes against Palestinian industry, Palestinian society, the Palestinian economy, occupying their land?" he said. "Is this is a moral principle according to which Israel should be blessed and supported by the Canadian government and people?"

Of course, the AP reporter didn't bother to ask Zahar just why the Palestinians were entitled to more aid from anybody, especially in view of the huge amount they've received already, more per capita than any other developing nation in history. Or about feeding those starving people from Arafat's hidden hoard..or say, cutting down Sufa Arafat to only $1 million in hush money per month..

Zahar was quick to say that Hamas would seek out new victims to con -er, sorry- new international alliances beyond its traditional Arab friends.(Especially since the Arabs are notorious for not following through on their aid pledges to the Palestinians).

"The new channels will be Africa, Asian countries, including China, and the South American continent, for assistance politically and also financially," he said.

Good luck with that.

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