Thursday, March 09, 2006

US to close Abu Ghraib detention center

The US has announced that it will close Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison 'in three months'.

Its 4,500 prisoners are to be transferred to other jails in Iraq, a military spokesman said.US to close Iraq's prison 'in three months' - Top stories - Breaking News 24/7 -

"We will transfer operations from Abu Ghraib to the new Camp Cropper once construction is completed there," Lieutenant Colonel Keir-Kevin Curry said.

"No precise dates have been set, but the plan is to accomplish this within the next two to three months," said Col. Curry, spokesman for US detention operations in Iraq.

Camp Cropper is a detention facility in the US military headquarters base at Baghdad airport, not far from Abu Ghraib. And probably more convenient for air transpo to Club Gitmo or other points.

About 127 major detainees, including Saddam Hussein are housed at Abu Graib (how's THAT for irony!). Camp Cropper supposedly will provide better conditions and security for terrorist prisoners.

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