Thursday, August 26, 2010

Canada Terrorist Cell Busted

The RCMP dismantled a home grown terrorist cell in Ottawa today that was the project of a number of adherents of the Religion of Peace.

The ringleader allegedly attended training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and I'm sure that as usual, there's a Saudi-funded wahabi mosque and a 'moderate' imam in the picture.

The arrests were made now because one of the suspects was preparing to travel abroad.

“These guys were doing more than just talking about terrorism. They were planning it,” a police source said.

This is the biggest counterterrorism operation in Canada since Project Osage, the 2006 arrests of the group Canadians refer to as the Toronto 18 who had attacks planned all over Southern Ontario.

Canada's Muslim leadership was shocked or outraged, depending on whom you talked to.

“It’s sad to hear such news. It’s disturbing,” said Imam Habeeb Alli, secretary of the Canadian Council of Imams. “It’s very disturbing, and I hope the proper wheels of justice will be set in motion to ensure we get to the bottom of the story.”

The Muslim Canadian Congress expressed “shock” at the developments, but also commended RCMP for the operation.

“Thank God these men were stopped before they could carry out their alleged plot,” said vice-president Salma Siddiqui.

Ms. Siddiqui also said that until Canada’s Muslim leadership unequivocally denounces the doctrine of armed jihad, there will be more incidents. Radical figures are becoming “heroes,” Ms. Siddiqui said, and leaders in the Muslim community have a duty to diminish them.

On the other hand, Scarborough imam Aly Hindy — who is on record as being critical of the way the Toronto 18 case was handled - derided the “so-called war against terrorism,” and said that the threat is exaggerated.

“We don’t have this feeling of any danger. We feel very safe,” he said.

I'll just bet he does.

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louielouie said...

was workplace violence involved?

Freedom Fighter said...

Coulda been.

As I know from personal experience, The Mounties have a well deserved rep for being tough customers and not messing around in situations like this.

Anonymous said...

' From personal experience ' ? Would you care to share with the class ? -- dragon/dinosaur

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi DD,

OK, I'll share a bit.

I toured in Canada a number of times during the rock and roll days and actually lived there for a brief time back during my wild, misspent youth. As a matter of fact, I almost married a Canadian girl,but that, as they say is une autre histoire.

While I was never personally on the receiving end of it, I observed how the RCMP would dole out what I would classify as 'common sense street justice' to various deserving characters to get them to cease and desist certain activities, and it was pretty much well known that one didn't hit or otherwise mess with a Mountie without suffering serious personal consequences.

I'm sure it's not that much different today.

I always thought that attitude on the RCMP's part came from their tradition as a frontier police force in a sparsely populated country, where a single RCMP constable might have been the only law over a large amount of territory.


louielouie said...

even though it is not the intended purpose of J/P, i believe that as ff reveals more and more of his personal past, it will soon become apparent that at some point, he and monkey boy crossed paths.
perhaps unknowingly.
perhaps unwittingly.
this may be the key to finding out what chimpy has on him.