Friday, August 27, 2010

Lies, Islamic Apologists And A Synagogue In Lebanon

Fareed Zakaria has long been embedded as the resident Islamist apologist for outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and Time.

While he's always been a major force for taqiya (dissembling to advance Islam,) his latest offering,in an attempt to strengthen the case for the Ground Zero Mosque is so disgraceful that it bears some exposure to the light of truth.

Zakaria's little snippet concerns the restoration in Beirut,Lebanon of the Magen Abraham synagogue, which Zakaria presents as an example of Islamic tolerance and a model for Americans to follow on the Ground Zero Mosque:

"The synagogue is just now emerging from a painstaking restoration project. When the repairs began over a year ago, the temple was literally a shell of its former self. So why did this nation, often teetering on the brink of religious hostilities and hostilities with Israel, restore a Jewish house of worship? To show that Lebanon is an open and tolerant country.

And indeed, the project is said to have found support in many parts of the community, not just from the few remaining Jews there, but also Christians and Muslims and Hezbollah. Yes, Hezbollah -- the one that the United States has designated a foreign terrorist organization.

Hezbollah's view on the renovation goes like this. "We respect divine religions, including the Jewish religion. The problem is with Israel's occupation of Arab lands ... not with the Jews." Food for thought. Thanks to all of you for being part of my program this week. I will see you next week. Stay tuned for "Reliable Sources."

According to Zakaria, we can learn here in the US from the tolerance exhibited by Lebanon and Hezbollah. Here's the part of the story he doesn't want you to know.

In 1948, there were over 20,000 Jews living in Lebanon.Today, there are less than 100.Nearly all of the remaining Jews are in Beirut, and they are unable to openly practice their religion.

The Beirut Magen Abraham Synagogue was in ruins because it was looted and wrecked by Lebanese Shi'ite Muslims during the civil war in 1975...which was also when most of Lebanon's remaining 1,800 Jews fled the country.

Magen Abraham is also the site of the country's main Jewish cemetery,with around 4,500 graves. Preserving those graves is the primary reason that the remnants of Lebanon's Jewish community and Lebanese Jews abroad raised the money to restore Magen Abraham, aided by donors such as the family of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, who was murdered by Hezbollah under Syrian orders.

Magen Abraham will essentially be a memorial park and museum to a once thriving community..not an active house of worship.

Oh, and then there's Zakaria's tolerant friends in Hezbollah.

Hezbollah has been implicated in numerous attacks on Jews world wide, including the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, in which 85 people were killed.

No less than Hezbollah's leader Hassan Nasrallah ( who is a Holocaust denier) has repeatedly called for Jews to be wiped out world wide, and was quoted in Lebanon's Daily Star as saying that that if the Jews "all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide."

Nasrallah exhibited further respect and tolerance for Jews in a Sept. 18. 2009 speech, saying "Historic Palestine, from the sea to the river, belongs to the people of Palestine and to the whole [Muslim] nation." Israel, "is a usurper an occupation entity, aggressive, cancerous, illegitimate, and illegal presence," and nobody is permitted to recognize its existence."

The Jewish state, he continued, must be "wiped out":[We] will never recognize 'Israel.' We will not work with 'Israel.' We will not normalize ties with 'Israel.' We will not surrender to 'Israel.' We will not accept 'Israel' even if the whole world recognizes it. Our faith, belief, and declaration will remain unchanged, that 'Israel' is an illegal presence [and] a cancerous gland, and must be wiped out of existence."

In other words, what Zakaria didn't tell you is that to Hezbollah, the 'occupation' they're talking about has nothing to do with the Palestinians, but to Israel's entire existence. And he actually has the gall to compare Hezbollah's grudging acceptance of a tiny museum and graveyard with a huge, active mosque on Ground Zero that will tower over the proposed Ground Zero memorial and will be run by an Islamist imam with highly questionable ties.

Zakaria unwittingly gives us an excellent reason why the Ground Zero Mosque should never see the light of day. Few if any of its proponents appear to have even a nodding acquaintance with the truth,and are fully prepared to use taqiyah to get it built and to fool naive useful idiots into going along with them.

This gives us a very good indication of what will be going on if Imam Rauf has his way and the Ground Zero Mosque gets built in the middle of a target rich area like New York City.

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Independent Patriot said...

Zakharia is and has always been a self-important disembler. Having read his books, his disdain for the US so apparent, its a wonder why he even bothers to stay in the US.But as an Obama supporter through and through I am sure he is relishing the decline of the US. Watch when the republicans sweep the elections in November how he and his lefty friends start decrying the racist imperialistsic American mindset. Of course they are already startign with that garbage.