Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Four Israelis Murdered By 'Peace Partners'


Déjà vu all over again as Yogi Berra once said...when Israel maintains the checkpoints and claps down on the 'Palestinians' they have no terrorist attacks. When ever they make concessions and talk peace, the attacks commence and there are dead Israelis who pay the price.

Two men and two women between the ages of 25 and 40 - one of them pregnant - were murdered in an ambush by 'Palestinian' terrorists on Route 60, near the Bnei Naim junction, south of the Judean (AKA West Bank) community of Kiryat Arba.

One of the couples who was murdered left seven children...Hashem yerachem (may God have mercy upon them).

The Israelis were fired upon as they drove down the highway. Preliminary reports showed the gunmen approached the vehicle after it went off the road, pulled the bodies from the car and shot the victims multiple times at point-blank range.

"The vehicle was sprayed with dozens of bullets," a paramedic at the scene told Channel 2. "There were numerous shell casings around. We found four bodies and there was no chance whatsoever to help them; all we could do was to pronounce the death of these four Jews."

Paramedic Guy Gonen told Ynet: "The victims were hit by numerous shots from short range. It looked like a well-planned ambush."

I wouldn't be surprised to find out that some of those weapons supplied to the 'Palestinians' by the US were involved. Again, it wouldn't be the first time.

The Kiryat Arba-Hebron area has been the scene of numerous concessions to the Palestinians on dismantling checkpoints as a run up to peace talks.The killers were easily able to position themselves. Frankly, the Israeli government should have known better. The IDF is now playing catchup for the politician's blunder by putting a cordon around the area in an attempt to catch the murderers.

Both Hamas and Fatah's al-Aksa Brigade originally claimed repsonsibility but Hamas military wing spokesman Abu Obeida told The Associated Press late Tuesday that Hamas carried out the attack, and speeches from loudspeakers at mosques in the Gaza Strip celebrated news of the attack.It could very well have been a joint operation between Hamas and elements of Fatah.

Our State Department?

“Any time one human being takes out a weapon and fires and kills other human beings it’s a tragedy,” said State Department spokesman PJ Crowley.

Just an unfortunate accident, like someone who dies in a car wreck or a hurricane or something.

The important thing now is what Bibi Netanyahu is going to do.

I doubt he'll do it, but I agree with Jennifer Rubin. Netanyahu ought to immediately suspend talks and return for the five funerals...and then seriously consider if he wants to continue this farce.

Abbas has already said that unless the building moratorium is extended past the September 26 date including in Jerusalem, he's going to fold the talks anyway and Netanyahu isn't going to be able to do that politically. So there's not much to lose.

And aside from being the right ting to do, coming home to mourn the latest murder victims of Israel's 'peace' partners would definitely refocus things.And Hamas needs to suffer major pain for this, since they so cheerfully acknowledged responsibility.A strike on Gaza City that takes out a few blocks,preferably in neighborhoods where the leadership lives would send the proper message, I think.

If I sound angry, you should have seen me a couple of hours ago.

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UPDATE: The victims ' names are Yitzchak (47) and Tali (45) Aimes, Kochavia Even-Haim (37) and Avishai Shindler (24)(HY"D).Talia and Yitzchak Aimes left behind 6 orphans (ages 1.5 - 19). Kochavia Even-Chaim left behind a daughter (age 8). ( hattip, The Muqata

There is absolutely no reason for something like this to ever happen again.

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Anonymous said...

I just saw this now, so many years after. I only want to say that I believe that alot of us who care, don't know what they can do to help. One thing that can be done is to fight the Media War.
among others, this involves:
educating all of us about "What IS the Media War", how does it work, who,how, why etc, does it manipulate, how does it work. HOW can we do something? We can show our friends and contacts such websites such as HonestReporting.com, etc.
using Facebook is also very powerful and affective. So much ca be done, there are more of our people who can be active in this. I have plenty of such ideas, but start with this. It has worked for me, I have gotten others involved. AM YISRAEL CHAI.