Monday, August 16, 2010

Obama Uses His Nine-Year-Old In Political Publicity Stunt

You've all seen the above picture.

En Route to yet another vacation, the President was convinced by his political advisers that it might be a good idea to stop in the Gulf Region. So he spent a day there. All well and good, although it might have been a lot better if Michelle Antoinette had vacationed on the Gulf Coast instead of spending all those tax dollars in Spain.

The above picture was billed by the White House and their media allies as 'Obama swimming in the Gulf to promote tourism.' Only the White House photographer was allowed in.

Just one thing...the picture wasn't taken on the Gulf Coast!

It was taken at Alligator Point in St Andrew Bay in north-west Florida, which isn't even considered to be part of the Gulf Coast.

It's bad enough that after creating a panic and devastating the region's economy with an illegal moratorium on oil drilling, the President only saw fit to spend one day there. And I understand that with this president, it's politics ├╝ber alles, all the time.

But to use your nine-year-old daughter in this kind of scam? That takes a special breed.

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yzernik said...

Remember when the White House released the "interview" with Elena Kagan, that was done by an administration employee, and not a journalist. I think Obama is creepier than Richard Nixon.