Thursday, August 26, 2010

Leadership 101- Governor Chris Christie

The State of New Jersey was denied hundreds of millions in education funds they legitimately qualified for by the Obama administration because some clerk in the New Jersey Department of Education turned in the wrong excel spreadsheet.

Below, Governor Christie's response to a question on the matter:

Based on what we know about how the 'stimulus' funds were distributed and how the GM and Chrysler dealerships were arbitrarily closed with party affiliation as a criteria, there's little doubt in my mind that this was done vindictively by the White House, in an attempt to embarrass the governor. Instead, he turned it right back at them.

In taking the blame directly rather than finding a scapegoat and by explaining clearly and succinctly exactly what happened, Governor Christie gives us a clear example of how a leader conducts himself. And the way what my father of blessed memory would have referred to as a Real Man acts.

A certain Community-organizer-in-chief lurking in the Oval Office could take a lesson from that.

UPDATE: After making the above statement, Governor Christie publicly fired state education commissioner Bret Schundler after Schundler refused to resign.

Christie took this action after viewing a videotape of Schundler's Race to the Top presentation to the feds and discovering that Schundler lied to him about trying to give the correct information during the presentation that was missing on the almost 1,000 page application. A video of the presentation released by the U.S. Department of Education after Christie's initial statement proved that never happened.

“As I have said before, I never promised the people of New Jersey that this would be a mistake-free administration," Christie said. "However, I did promise that the people serving in my administration would be held accountable for their actions.”

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Anonymous said...

Purely coincidental I'm sure. Or just another example of Democrat dirty tricks and Chicago style politics. I think it is time for a special prosecutor. I also think this would qualify for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 4.35 PM : Please, no, not another Ken Starr & Star Chamber circus ! Are you trying to get Zero re-elected ? Concentrate on the imminent, impending Medicare cuts which hang like Damocles' sword above the Dems' heads. That is their Achilles' heel. That is the ticket to the House for the Reps / GOPers in 2010. That is the ticket for the Reps / GOPers to the Oval Office & Rose Garden in 2012. As I wrote approximately 1 and a half months ago : ' Please ignore all red herrings ... ( don't be Lewinskyed again!) Please don't screw this up, GOP ! ' -- dragon/dinosaur