Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ruben Navarette Jr's. Classic Smackdown: 'Muchas Gracias, Harry Reid'

When Democrat Senate majority leader Harry Reid came out with his poisonous nonsense on why he couldn't see why anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, I parsed it for what it was - a tremendous and condescending insult to Latinos.

Here, syndicated columnist Ruben Narette Jr.delivers classic smackdown along the same lines to Harry Reid:

On behalf of all Hispanics, let me just say this: Muchas gracias, Harry Reid.

These days, many Americans are pressed for time. So I was glad to hear that the Senate majority leader is willing to relieve me and every other Hispanic in the United States of the crushing burden of having to think for ourselves and make our own political decisions. No more slogging through the mundane work of reading up on issues, attending candidates' debates and having to reach our own conclusions.

Reid is kindly offering to do all the heavy lifting for America's largest minority and decide whether we should vote Republican or Democrat.

And, to make things easier, as far as the Nevada Democrat is concerned, there is only one choice for Hispanics. Guess who?

The Democratic leader of the Senate is trying to win re-election by courting Hispanics in his home state. But instead of flowers and chocolates, Reid showed up at their door offering only insults and condescension.

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