Tuesday, August 31, 2010

FOX's Gretchen Carlson Catches Obama Spokeshole Gibbs In A Naked Lie

As Obama prepares to tell the world he knew all along what a great idea the surge was..

Notice too how obnoxious,condescending and and rude Gibbs is.He's the perfect mouthpiece for this administration.

Oh, and to answer the question she asked since Gibbs wouldn't answer...Obama didn't credit Bush for anything...except a left hand reference to no one doubting Bush's ".. support for our troops, or his love of country and commitment to our security."

He couldn't even bring himself to acknowledge that President Bush made a hard decision (over rabid opposition by Obama and his fellow Democrats) that enabled Obama to withdraw our troops gracefully.


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Right Truth said...

Karl Rove was on Fox, I forget which show, but you need to watch the video of his response to Obama on Bush, very good.

Right Truth

Montana said...

Honestly, the surge was a battle for improving a War, not winning it. Thank God we are getting out, what a waste of our Youth and Treasury set on a bed of lies.

Freedom Fighter said...

Montana, I agree with you,it was designed to give us a graceful exit - But it wasn't a total waste and the end line about 'a bed of lies' is misinformed.

Read up on Saddam's involvement with the first WTC bombing, and possibly Oklahoma City.

Also, keep in mind that Saddam had both the knowledge and the materials to make nuclear weapons.But he was not an imminent threat to us although he was to the Saudis and Gulf States.

What screwed the pooch was Bush's insistence on occupation and 'nation building' something far wiser heads like Rumsfeld and Cheney advised him against.Unfortunately, Colin Powell and Clinton holdover George Tennent won that argument.

We also got to kill a heckuva lot of jihadis and put a fighting edge on our troops in desert conditions. That will likely come in handy.

As for a waste of our treasury, if you look at the numbers Obama's 'stimulus' cost far more than both Iraq and Afghanistan and accomplished absolutely nothing except to reward Obama's political allies.

The point is that Zero has taken credit many times for the success of the surge...something he and Biden did their best to sabotage, while our troops were under fire.


B.Poster said...

Not only did Bush have rabid opposition from the Democrats on this, he had rabid opposition from the American public for this as well. For now, it appears to have given us a graceful exit. What happens after we leave?

"...But he was not an imminent threat to us he was to the Saudis and Gulf States." That's interesting. You've made this statement before. The Saudis and the Gulf States opposed our actions in Iraq. They sought to undermine our efforts there at every turn.

Had they gotten behind our efforts we would have a situation where Iraq would have a government friendly to the interests of the Saudis and the Gulf States. The only catch to this is the government might actually be friendly to America as well. As it is, we have a situation where the Iraqi government is much closer to Iran than it is to the Saudis or America. This is due in large part to their rabid opposition to our efforts.

While your response to Montana is largely spot on, Saddam, at the time of his removal, was a much greater threat to America than he was to the Saudis or the Gulf States. They all have common enemies. These are America and Israel. When it comes to opposing Israel, America, or both of them the Saudis, the Gulf States, and the Iranians will work together. Once common enemies are vanquished, there will be plenty of time to resume their rivalries with one another. At least this is their thinking.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello Poster,
Saddam was always an imminent threat to the Saudis and the Gulf States.Saddam had largely rebuilt his conventional military thanks to the oil for food money and there was little or nothing in KSA or the Gulf States to oppose him.That's primarily why we went. although there were legitimate concerns about possible WMDs.

The Saudis only turned against our efforts once they realized that instead of simply establishing another Sunni strongman or breaking Mesopotamia into it's natural divisions, we planned to empower the Shi'ites, using politicians that were beholden to Iran, an extremely dangerous situation for them.

Obama's failure to deal with Iran effectively is why the Saudis have clandestinely let the Israelis know that they are willing to allow an Israeli flyover of their territory to strike Iran.

After we leave? Iraq has established a Shi'ite Islamic republic, and there is already a high level pro-Iran political force in Moqtada al-Sadr. Iran will us al-Sadr and his Iranian trained and armed militia the Mahdi Army to try to Lebanonize Iraq and control it.