Friday, August 13, 2010

Russia: Iran's Nuke Plant To Go Online Next Week

Iran's will load nuclear fuel into Iran's Russian-built Bushehr reactor on August 21st, beginning the process of bringing the plant online.

Apparently it's not only Iran giving the West a collective middle finger but the Russians, who essentially defied President Barack Hussein Obama's request that they hold off from bringing the plant online.

Oh, the sanctions? According to Russia, the latest round of U.N. sanctions against Iran isn't going to apply to the Bushehr project. Or to Russia supplying the Mullahs with gasoline.

This is one of the more important stories of the week, not the widespread coverage about some frolic by a flight attendant on a JetBlue plane.

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B.Poster said...

"This is one of the more important stories of the week, not the widespread coverage about some frolic by a flight attendant on JetBlue plane." I agree. Unfortunately right now Americans, on the whole, are not a serios people. This is in direct contrast to the Russians, Chinese, the Iranians, and most Moslems.

Whether or not we like their methods or not or what they are doing, these are very serious people. As such, it is going to take a very serious effort on the part of America and Western Europe to counter them. Unfortunately Western Europeans appear to suffer from the same lack of seriousness that Americans suffer from. The lack of seriousness on the part of Western Europeans may be even more serious than that suffered by Americans and these are our "allies."

The wornd-down and out-dated American military does not pose a significant challenge to Russia, China, or Iran, if backed by these great powers, as they likely would be. Furthermore, the American economy is in shambles and the country lacks the ability to be able to pay for such a war. The Russians, Chinese, and all serious generals are likely aware of this.

Given these constraints, there is very little America can do here. I've already discussed here and elsewhere what America's best and perhaps only viable option is here and elsewhere. I won't waste tome and space on it now.

As for Israel, they have no choice but to take out the Iranian nuclear capability. As such, frank discussions need to be done on this. With few execptions I haven't seen much on how Israel should respond if Russia becomes involved in trying to assist the Iranians in the fight against Israel. In any such attack, Russians technicians are likely to be killed. Russia is unlikely to take such a situation lying down. How does Israel counter Russia, China, or both? I can only hope and pray the Israeli leadership has a plan in place for such a contingency.