Monday, August 16, 2010

Tom DeLay Cleared Of All Charges

Ex-House Majority leader Tom DeLay has been officially cleared of all charges - just like he always said he would be.

It took six years and millions of your tax dollars in the form of one of the most expensive investigations in recent memory. Not to mention what it cost DeLay in legal fees and reputation.

DeLay was one of the most effective legislators in the history of Congress, and is a prime example of one of the Bush Administration's biggest failings - a tendency to take for granted and grease out from under its friends while cosseting and accommodating its enemies.

DeLay is a decent, principled man who was one of the most effective legislators of all time, and a strong voice in the War against Jihad. Targeted in a vicious abuse of the judicial system by a blatantly partisan, jury shopping hack allied with the Main Stream Media, he was cynically manipulated out of politics by a combination of bogus court suits brought by a partisan Democrat DA and the cowardice of the Bush Administration and RNC chair Ken Melman, who pressured him not to run for re-election even though he had won the primary in his home district and was ahead of his Democrat challenger.

Ironically, the Bush Administration was a lot more damaged by the absence of his strong hand than it ever would have been by his continued presence in Congress.

DeLay himself had something to say about his experience a few years ago that ought to resonate with anyone who cares about this country, in an illuminating article t called 'The criminalization of politics' in which he discusses one of the major problems facing our republic - the demonization of people in public life by any means necessary, with no holds barred.

Today it is not enough to defeat a man politically. It is not even enough to vilify him publicly. You have to carpet bomb his life. You have to make sure that he leaves office disgraced, bankrupt, and heading for jail. You have to ruin him in every way, and then dance on his grave. This is what the political left in this country has brought us, and this is why many of the best leaders in our land refuse to take public office. They are willing to be scarred in political battle, but they are not willing to subject themselves to total destruction."

That's what the Angry Left, the Journolistas and their media shills are out to do - destroy any decent, principled man or woman seeking public office so that the only people willing to do so are the creatures of the Left.

Just compare the media treatment of, say, Sarah Palin with that of Barack Hussein Obama.

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