Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weekend Monkey On Politics: Palin-Tology

Hidey Ho, Primates! Welcome to the one and only Real Banana, your source for the real poop on politics...

Well, last night's primaries showed one thing...any of my Democrats who diss Rethug pin up Sarah Palin and discount her influence are definitely up the wrong tree and could be headed for a nasty fall.

The primates at Slate and the Politico made that mistake, running stories about how Palin's influence was fading and all her endorsements were gonna go down in flames.

OK, they don't like Palin so they were projecting. But in the politics racket, the banana you haven't gotten your paws on yet ain't gonna be breakfast, and yapping about it before it happens can embarrass you...which is what happened here.

Every one of her endorsements finished in the money,especially some little known Anchorage Tea Party nebbish named Joe Miller who ran for Senator in the ReThug primary against incumbent Lisa Murkowski.

A lot of the Donkeys were high fiving each other, laughing at Palin and predicting that Miller was gonna get stomped like a rat running in front of an elephant stampede.

Instead, when the dust settled, Miller was on top by a couple thousand votes and looks to take the nomination with 98% of the votes counted...and since it's Alaska, he's almost a shoo in for the senate seat.

Palin give him a few shekels out of her Pac,made some speeches and recorded a robo-call for Miller.(and no,primates, I didn't hear the call so I don't know if she talked dirty...whooo hee hee hee hee!) Anyway, Miller credits her with making the difference. She did, no doubt about it.

The Palin-Murkowski thing goes back a ways from what my sources tell me,probably back to when Murkowski's dad appointed her to the Senate seat Palin thought she had a shot at. So this has the aroma of a pretty entertaining cat fight.

But the point is that whatever else my Democrats are gonna say about Sarah Palin, they gotta admit that she's to be reckoned with.

It remains to be seen whether Palin's appeal crosses party lines, but only a deranged baboon would make book that it won't.

In the political jungle, this Monkey can tell you that Sarah Palin is gonna be one beast that needs watching...and not just for her looks.

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louielouie said...

ff previously stated that he had received a posting from yourself.
i can't believe he continues to post this stuff of yours.
what is WRONG with him?????
monkey boy, the only thing you opened with this can, is a typical lefty viewpoint of ms. palin.
talking dirty and her looks are all you can come up with for the reasons she should be taken seriously?
as for listening to her robo message what would you use to listen with?
are those things .......ears? or some balancing device?
as for the dimocrats dissing ms. palin, they are getting plenty of help from the RNC and several high profile re-thugs as well.
the reason being they have both sold out the american people and are afraid of being exposed for what they both are.
my gawd, i can't believe i used the word "exposed" without referencing yourself.
chimpy it is always self evident when you write your own material, and don't plagiarize ff essays.
this is one of those times.
and for the record, ff told me you weren't on that plane of drunks at gatwick, but i didn't believe him. it wouldn't be the first time he's covered for you, and i doubt it will be the last.
one of these days monkey boy, you're gonna slip up, and we're all gonna find out what you have on him.

Anonymous said...

Palin needs to be reckoned with?

I don't know who this monkey guy is, but he's talking out of his ass.

I only hope the Republicans nominate her in 2012 to go up against President Obama. Maybe then, after she makes a fool of herself and gets defeated again, we'll have heard the last of her.

That's if the quitter doesn't bail out in mid-campaign.

King Of Pain

louielouie said...

Anon @ 7:49

let’s get one thing straight.
nobody talks about monkey boy like that except me.
as for pain, the only thing painful is reading comments such as yours.
such as they are.
but while we’re playing, riddle me this:
where is it written that hussein is gonna run in 2012?
he appears to be just a weeeee bit bored with the job, and all true progressives such as yourself know that being president is soooo post-national.
don’t you think a textbook narcissist, such as hussein, would find the media spotlight so much brighter, and payola so much more fulfilling, without all that pesky political opposition and plummeting polling numbers?
oh, my, looky what I dun, asked a progessive to do the thinky thing.
my bad.
it will only become more so after this november.
that is, of course, unless hussein cancels november this year.
he may decide that he has CHANGED enough and must move on.
where would that leave all of you true progressives?
he could run, and throw the election, in the same manner as he does people under the bus.
then he could throw Moon under the bus and rule from turtle bay.
do they run for Caliph?
as for talking out their annus, thanks for the example.
drop by often, and thanks for playing.
and now here’s a parting gift.
in fact, you can have all 13 trillion of ‘em.

Lucas said...

King of pain,

You really want to bring it on against the Sarahcuda? hehe

President Odumbo is being dissed by his own guys, calling him a radioactive disaster, and you think that he can overcome Sarah Palin?

Good luck on that!

Anonymous said...

Who is Weekend Monkey really? Chris Dodd? Mike Gravel?