Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pelosi: “Investigate Who's Funding Ground Zero Mosque Opponents"

You can always count on San Fran Nan to do exactly the wrong thing.

This arrogant elitist wouldn't hear of investigating the murky,overseas funding for the Ground Zero Mosque or about Sharif El-Gamal, the "developer" from Soho Properties, who was a waiter at the Sarafina Restaurant in New York City just a short time ago and later an apartment rental agent who worked part time on commission only…yet somehow managed to save up $5 million for the purchase.

Or El-Gamal’s partner, Nour Mousa, just coincidentally happens to be the nephew of the Arab League leader Amr Moussa. When the Mob does this, they call it ‘conduit financing.’

Or Imam Rauf's interesting connection to the Saudi-based Xenel Corporation,whichhas ties to the Muslim Brotherhood an al-Qaeda.


She wants to investigate millions of ordinary Americans who oppose what amounts to a victory symbol placed 600 feet away Ground that will tower over the planned monument at the site.

As though 'funding' was needed to take a position that simple patriotism and human decency ought to mandate.

Staggering.Simply staggering.

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B.Poster said...

The problem with her position is there is no organized "funding" to the opposition of this mosque per say. I think you hit the nail on the head when you suggest all they would be doing is investigating ordianry Americans.

The public by and large appears to be opposing the construction of this mosque in the proposed location in spite of an almost unprecedented media blitz in support of the mosque at the proposed location.

This suggests that most Americans intuitively understand the construction of the mosque in this location is a bad idea. Why don't our elites?

I think it is because the opposition to the mosque do not fund election campaigns, nor are they in a position to block the passage or implementation of favored legislation, they will not destroy property if they don't get their way, and finally they will not kill to get their way. In contrast, the proponents of the mosque or at least some of their friends have demonstrated both the willingness and the ability to do all of these things.