Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dem Senator Michael Bennet 'Trillions In Debt And Nothing to Show For It"

Absolutely unbelievable.

Democrat Senator Michael Bennet is running fo rre-election this year. He was quoted in a speech at a townhall in Greely, Colorado as saying:

Regarding spending during his time in office he said, “We have managed to acquire $13 trillion of debt on our balance sheet” and, “in my view we have nothing to show for it.”

Meanwhile, this loyal Obama tool voted for all this debt...and now, when he has to face the electorate he's posing as Mister Fiscal Responsibility?

According to a fact check by the Denver Post, Michael Bennet voted for legislation that if you add it all up and divide by the days he’s been in office, comes out to nearly $2.5 billion a day.

And he has the nerve to face the voters and act like it's something he wasn't involved in up to his pudgy little neck?

What's next? 'Mistakes were made' or maybe "I was only following orders"?

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louielouie said...

allow me to offer an opposing opinion to ff post.
i don't care what bennet did, or says, or said.
none of that matters.
what i find offensive is that the dumm masses of colorado will believe/fall for this crap.
this is from rasmussen dated 08/12:

Buck attracts 46% support, while Bennet picks up 41% of the vote. Five percent (5%) prefer some other candidate in the race, and seven percent (7%) remain undecided.

41% of the dumm masses in colorado are buying this crap.
it's not bennet that is the problem.
the problem is that america, collectively is dumber than a sack of hair.
just wait 'til hussein gets his ACORN boys after buck.
i got money that says bennet wins in a walk.
with 85% of the vote.
it's colorado.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Louie,
The numbers you cite were pre-primary, I believe.

Actually, the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll of 500 likely voters show Buck up by 9 at just under 50%. And while Dem corruption is always a factor, Colorado doesn't have the ward system that's in place back east, and fudging is always harder in the midterms as opposed to a presidential election because of the decreased turnout.

Jane Norton has already endorsed Buck, Bennet was unelected and is unpopular and I wouldn't be surprised to see Buck win by 7-9 points.

In terms of action, I asked Weekend Monkey what kind of betting odds he'd offer you.

Unfortunately, he's still sore about that bounced check you sent him when he was running for president and isn't a matter of fact, he used several rather colorful terms to refer to you that it would probably be better I didn't repeat.