Thursday, August 05, 2010

Elena Kagan Confirmed By The Senate

Well, we knew this was coming but it still leaves a foul taste in the mouth.

The vote was 63 to 37, with Republicans Richard Lugar of Indiana, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine, galpal Lindsay Graham of South Carolina and Judd Gregg of New Hampshire voting for her and Democrat Ben Nelson of Nebraska joing the rest of the Republicans to vote against.

Kagan, who has never even been a judge and has little or no practical legal experience is now a Supreme Court Justice.

The real villain of this tragedy is Lindsay Graham, a member of the Senate Judiciary committee.According to Senate rules,at least one member of the minority party has to vote for closure to move a nomination from committee to the floor for a full vote.

Guess which committee member was willing to vote for closure?

The sole bit of good news is that Kagen merely replaces John Paul Stevens, who has been a Leftard statist's wet dream on the Court, so the balance remains the same.

The bad news is that this Left wing ideologue might be on the Court for as long as four decades, and the balance of the Court could change considerably in that time.

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Independent Patriot said...

Sorry it does not disturb me that she has never been a judge. Too many jurists are really not fit for their positions in the first place so previous bench experience doesn't mean too much to me. Personally it doesn't bother me that we have another woman on the SCOTUS bench. Sorry about that. I also find it fun that the anti-semites in this counry are choking on their bile right now that there are three Jews on the Court. No I don't know what kind of rulings she will make but to preordain the next forty years is not really fair either.

Freedom Fighter said...

Boy, you're on my case today IP!
But coming from you, it's OK ;)

Actually, previous judicial experience does mean something when you're trying to interpret Constitutional law.

As for Kagan's views, you might want to look at her views on:

partial birth abortion ( and basic honesty)


crime victims

We already know her views on the military,the Second Amendment and presidential power and executive privilege.

We probably differ here, but as a member of the Tribe, I'd personally prefer a believing Christian with an originalist view of the Constitution to a secular leftist Jew who comes from Red Diaper Baby roots on the Supreme Court any day.

BION, it's actually better for the Jews that way. At least that's how I see it.

All Good Things,

B.Poster said...

I think we hope the "balance of the court" shifts to the "right" over the next few years. Just a point to ponder. John Roberts and Samuel Alito received greater scrutiny and more opposition to their nominations than Ms. Kagan ever did. Also, Harriet Miers was rejected largely because she "lacked experience" and she was an "ideolouge." At least these were the excues the media gave for their opposition to her.

Apparently "experience" and lack of an "ideology" are only important for those who don't adhere to a "leftist" ideology. In other words, it doesn't matter to them how capable one is or how much experience one has. Simply adhere to a world view they approve of!! The hypocrissy and double dealing of the "left" is absolutely amazing.

Independent Patriot said...

Dear freedom fighter:

Sorry to be such a pain in the butt. I have my moods and will try to be a little less obnoxious in the future, but I make no promises :)