Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weekend Monkey On Politics: The Mosquerade Party

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Let's do it and get to it..

I gotta give Obama credit. He's got a unique talent. One that could screw up a wet dream and turn it into a negative approval rating.

Let's take a good look at the current sit, OK ? The economy is in the dumpster,the primates are livid about the costs associated with the Health Care bill and the constant bail outs (and just wait until they see their taxes next year..eeech!), and they're upset over the Gulf Oil spill and Obama's suing Arizona over that illegal immigration law. Obama's poll numbers are tanking, hovering around 41% with disapproval in the low to mid 50's. Incumbents even in true Blue states like California, Wisconsin,Illinois and Washington are facing the fight of their lives as my Democrats could end up losing the House and the Senate in a regular ReThug tsunami.

And with all that going on,Obama stands up in front of a buncha Muslims at an Iftar thingee at the White House and yaks it up about his support for a huge new mosque.Six hundred feet away from Ground Zero. With the polls of most Americans running 70-30 against.

And the comedy doesn't end there. The next day, after his advisers start screaming like mandrills and threatening to slit their wrists,Obama tries to pick up the poop he hurled and pretend it never happened!

Freakin' brilliant, no? Obama comes out for the mosque, making the 9/11 families and the swing voters berserk and giving very yahoo ReThug running for Congress another built in issue, as though things weren't bad enough already. Then he tries to walk it back, getting his buddies in the press and on the left wing of the party ticked off at him for trying to vote present on this.

Worst of all, the party's split when we most needed unity because you just ended our usual Democrat Masquerade and turned it into a mosquerade party. The masks weren't supposed to come off until after November.

Riddle me this, Genius: How exactly are Democratic candidates gonna pose as fiscally responsible, strong on national defense or even civil rights friendly now that your antics have forced people to take sides on stuff like this?

Who cares whether some Muslims build a mosque. It was already on fire, so you throw gasoline on it?

When even low hanging bananas like Harry Reid and Howard Dean are desperately jumping ship over this mosque thing, doesn't that tell you something?

Yowza! Way to go, O! You've been as good for us Democrats as Bush was for the ReThugs, I'll tell you that.

Obama's performance reminds me of something my old pal Donna Brazile said once describing RNC head Rethug Michael Steele...just an affirmative action hiring that went bad.

Anyone else wish Hillary had gotten the nod from the party apparatchniks instead of Obama?

Later, primates!

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yzernik said...

Hustler Magazine has the constitutional right to publish pornography. That doesn't mean the president should organize a porn star convention at the White House and endorse Hustler Magazine.

louielouie said...

holy qurap!!!
the answer to your riddle is "none of the repubs will call 'em on it".
i'd have thought you woulda sobered up before posting something like this monkey boy.

Later, primates!

much later hopefully............

Freedom Fighter said...

You have to admit, Louie,he does have a following.

A google search under 'Weekend Monkey'puts his last three columns and a link as the top four results.

Freedom Fighter said...

Out of 7,400,000 results.

louielouie said...

i got a slightly different result

i don't even want to imagine what those people are looking for.............

Anonymous said...

Greetings Weekend Monkey ! I enjoy reading your columns & polls. Your column's Parthian shot re the Dems' snubbing of Hillary in 2008 reminded me of a 2007 column which Charles Krauthammer once wrote. In it, he said : ' I [Charles Krauthammer] could never vote for her [Hillary Clinton], but I (and others of my ideological ilk) could live with her -- precisely because she is so liberated from principle. Her liberalism, like her husband's -- flexible, disciplined, calculated, triangulated -- always leaves open the possibility that she would do the right thing for the blessedly wrong (i.e., self-interested, ambition-serving, politically expedient) reason. ' &, later, after some reasonable criticism, Krauthammer continues : ' Nonetheless, if 2008 is going to be a Democratic year, as it very well could, Hillary would serve the country better than any of her rivals. ' End of quotes. [ credit : jewishworldreview dot com ; Charles' column from 12 October 2007 : The Great Navigator ] xxx I should add that the perfect example would be Bill Clinton's opposition to welfare reform -- till the 2008 election. Then, suddenly, on the 3d Republican congressional try, Bill phones his former pollster, Dick Morris, & Morris' advice was to sign it into law or risk losing the pres election. Pres Clinton then held it up for 10 days ( in order to effect some internal technical matter which removed the District Of Columbia from the purview of the up-coming law, & also in order to beg Jesse Jackson privately not to create too much of an uproar respecting it ), & then he signed it in the Rose Garden & took complete credit for it, as if he had been in favour of it all along ! ( Dole's candidature then sank. ) xxx Another crucial difference between the Clintons & Zero is that the Clintons were always seeking what they called the ' Bubba ' vote, viz, independent, swing voters from along the River Mississippi & the River Ohio, eg, such states as Ohio ( yes, that's stretching the definition ), Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, & Louisiana. That impacted their strategy dramatically & dragged them kicking & screaming back towards the centre during the Pres election year of 1996. Zero, au contraire, relies on the zombie automatic-left Black vote ( & Black Panther intimidation of the vote ! ), plus the trial lawyers, the pharmaceutical industry owner types, & the private health insurance industry owner types. There's no-one to pull him back to the centre. Some people, recalling Bill's initial 2 year coddling of the far left of the Dem Party in Congress, ask me if I think that Zero can similarly trim his ideologue ship by redistributing his political ballast. My response : probably not, as I believe that Zero is a true ideologue & fanatic, a true Manchurian Candidate ; whereas, the Clintons were fair-weather friends for their ideological comrades & would not hesitate to push someone off ship into choppy waters if that would save them. Zero is depending on the most extreme & racistic Blacks & has no connexions with the centre, even feigned ones. Apologies for length of letter ( if I'd more time, I should make it shorter ! ) -- dragon/dinosaur