Monday, August 16, 2010

Why Reports On The Ground Zero Mosque Being Relocated Are Bogus

The Leftist Israeli paper Ha'aretz just got caught in another bit of usual.

They came out with a story a while ago that 'insiders' told them that leaders behind the proposed mosque's construction on Ground Zero were considering moving the location.

Needless to say, Sharif El-Gamal, the developer of the project just confirmed that Ha'aretz is out of their collective minds to report that the Mosque site at Ground Zero is going to be abandoned.

I could have told them that,because again, you have to look at the symbolism through Islamist eyes.

Contrary to the nonsense that Lefty Journolistas like Ben Smith and Maggie Haberman are peddling in Politico, the proposed mosque won't be located "a few blocks north of the site…". The Burlington Coat Factory where the Mosque is to be built is a mere 600 feet from Ground Zero, just to the left.

Not only that, but if this monstrosity is built, the top floor will be higher than the Ground Zero Memorial and will overlook it, always a prime concern in Islamist eyes.

And there's more to it than that.

The Burlington Coat Factory is actually a part of Ground Zero itself.The landing gear from one of the planes that hit the World Trade Center actually smashed into the Burlington Coat Factory itself and is thus an actual part of the Ground Zero 'victory site.'

Muslims historically build mosques at the sites of the conquests and victories, and this will be another one.And, it will actually overlook the entire ground Zero site.In their eyes, a different place simply wouldn't have the same symbolism.

I doubt they will voluntarily move to another site.

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Independent Patriot said...

Its very interesting. I watched several debates on this topic today and since they really can't explain or give a good reason for the "mosque" they resort to name calling. I think that in and of itself shows that there is an extreme level of disengenuousness on the part of the pro-"Mosque" community.

Anonymous said...

Haaretz is synonomous with left-wing BS. As soon as you see, ''as reported by Haaretz.'' the BS Detector goes on, flashing red lights, sirens, & whistles.

Anonymous said...

I can't begin to describe my disgust & anger about this Mahometan church monstrosity which is being built on land which Charles Krauthammer properly terms ' hallowed ground ' . Whose permission was conceded for this ? Why are so many Westerners, mostly whites, so suicidal ? xxx As an American Indian, I can only shake my head in disbelief & anger. Whether I like it or not, I'm stuck in the same ship with you lot, & the name Titanic seems to be emblazoned on the sides. Are a lot of you still drowning in some pc slough of despond relating to slavery, the treatment of blacks, & the robbery & conquest of the lands belonging to us Indians ? Well, get over it!, as the kids say. You, yourselves, as individual persons, are not to blame. There is no such thing as inherited sin. We all, as individuals, commit quite enough sins, thank you, & don't need to assume some ancestor's sins. Do a lot of you whites need to mentally, or physically, flagellate, scourge, & self-flog yourselves for some reason ? Well, here, let me buy a whip , & I'll gladly flagellate any volunteers in need of some sort of manual excoriation & scourging of sins. But then I expect you to stand up & start to fight this terrorist threat. You could start by banning further Mahometan immigration ( other than emergency asylum cases ). If you have to surrender the West to another non-Western religion & culture, couldn't it at least be a nice religion & culture ? How about the Buddhists? I always loved the Kung Fu telly series. The character Grasshopper was neat. I'm not into the chanting bit, but I could put up with listening to it. xxx & when, & if (please G--!), we have elected a decent prez in 2012, we need to address the complete failure of the modern vetting process for the prez candidates. I blame the obsession of the media, circa 1968, with a character named Bebe Rebozo, a Presbyterian Cuban, for the present-day insane & inane perpetual fund-raising special-interest circus quagmire we have to contend with in the political arena. But that would not be apropos of this, your serious article. Apologies for length of letter & taking it out on you sane whites, but, really, you sane ones have to devise a stratagem to deter the other people from pursuing this suicidal path. Just had to vent. --dragon/dinosaur

Anonymous said...

Insightful comment from unusual vantage point. Well worth the long read!

Anonymous said...

Insightful comment from unusual vantage point. Well worth the long read!