Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another Brit Labour Minister Disses Sarah Palin

This is getting ridiculous. First it was PM Gordon Brown, and now yet another cabinet representative of Britain's Labour party decided to stick her large nose in our affairs, referring to US GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin as 'horrendous.'

This time, it was Communities Secretary Hazel Blears, who been responsible, among her other achievements at seeing that sharia Muslim law is now completely enforceable in Britain and helped set up 5 sharia courts virtually in secret.

And this cretin has the nerve to call another public official 'horrendous'? Especially during an American election, when her government might end up having to work with Sarah Palin's party at the White House in a few months? I mean, hiow stupid can you be and still be in government?

I said it once and I'll say it again, cousins...if you're so all fired anxious to have Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden in charge, you take them and let them run Britain. Based on what I'm seeing lately from your side of the pond, they'd fit right in...and we'd be well rid of them.

If I were British, I'd be embarrassed, to say the least.


Anonymous said...

ff, Palin adheres to a pro-Israel worldview, in contrast to the Obama-supporting ecumenical anti-Israel worldview that is pushed largely by people like Jim Wallis who very much have been organized around promoting the Palestinian cause, part of their efforts being to get Tony Blair a position at Yale and also in the Middle East peace process (ex. here). This is why the interfaith groups and emergent church leaders are strongly pro-Obama and anti-Palin, she supports Israel.

Rosey said...

As despicable and obnoxious as this is, I'm just going to take it as another endorsement for Gubna Palin.

Anonymous said...

is this dumb broad unaware of the death threats toward sir paul for his upcoming performance in israel?
where do the death threats come from?
why does she not take care of her own damn business and stay the hell out of ours.
i was going to call her a dumb bitch, but i was afraid ff would not prefer me to say that.