Monday, September 22, 2008

More Palestinian Terrorist Attacks In Jerusalem

Jerusalem's Arabs continue to make the case for their outright expulsion with two terrorist attacks on Israelis today.

The first incident involved, once again, an attempt to use a vehicle as a weapon. An Arab drove his car into a group of people in Jerusalem's Tzahal Square outside the Old City, injuring 17 of them. The driver was shot and killed by an IDF reservist.

This is the third attack since July involving Arabs using vehicles a weapon instead of a gun or a bomb.

The other attack occurred after a Palestinian woman threw acid in an IDF soldier's face on Monday as she was crossing the Hawara checkpoint outside Nablus. He may lose an eye.

This one had an interesting twist to it:

The IDF said that the woman came to the checkpoint from Nablus and entered the "humanitarian lane" which is meant to be used by Palestinians who are in need of immediate medical attention and are therefore allowed to bypass an inspection in the regular lane.

IDF sources said that the attack demonstrated a "cynical" use of IDF humanitarian efforts by Palestinian terrorists. The IDF, the sources stressed, had eased travel restrictions throughout the West Bank in recent weeks to enable Palestinians to travel more freely during the month of Ramadan.

Meanwhile Monday, the IDF revealed that the Palestinian terrorist who was killed on Saturday as he tried infiltrating Yitzhar with a Molotov cocktail was the same terrorist who infiltrated the settlement a week earlier and stabbed a nine-year-old boy.

Yes, the IDF was ordered once again by the Israeli government to ease travel restrictions at the checkpoints, just like Condi Rice and Abbas insisted.The results could easily have been predicted.

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