Friday, September 12, 2008

Pakistan's Army Ordered To Attack US Forces If They Violate Pakistan's Border

This could get a bit sticky.

"RAWALPINDI: The Pakistan Army has been ordered to retaliate against any action
by foreign troops inside the country, Geo News quoted ISPR spokesman Maj Gen
Athar Abbas as saying on Thursday night.

Shakil Shaikh adds from
Islamabad: Pakistan`s military commanders resolved to defend the country`s
borders without allowing any external forces to conduct operations inside
Pakistan. {..}

General Kayani has already rebuffed the American policy
of including Pakistani territory in their operations against terrorists and
those hiding in the areas bordering Afghanistan. Reports say that the US
President Bush has allowed air raids from drones and ground operations in
Pakistani areas including FATA
."(shorthand for 'Federally
Administered Tribal Areas' ie Waziristan -ff)

Fascinating - here's an army that's refusing to clean up areas effectively under the control of al-Qaeda and the Taliban who are bombing all over the country, yet they're willing to go into action against US and NATO forces!

The big question is whether this is being done for political effect or if the Pakistanis are serious.If it's simply political posturing, no problem. If they are serious, they have the ability to cut off the major part of the flow of supplies to our troops in Afghanistan, as we've seen.

If the Pakis are silly enough to go into action against us,then I suppose all bets are off. There are three options: one, we can retreat and pull out of Afghanistan; two, we can continue to allow Pakistan's nationals to attack us over the Afghan border and continue the status quo as the Pakistan situation continues to ferment and worsen or three, we can do something we've been putting off and actually confort one of the major havens of Islamist jihad and deal with it.

If we're forced to opt for door number three, I'd recommend a tactical strike at Pakistan's nukes facilities and major damage to their air and ground forces ( perhaps in conjuction with India), followed by the clearing of a corridor from the seacoast through the Torkham border crossing so we can keep our troops in Afghanistan supplied, instead of General Barack Obama's grand strategy of invading Pakistan's North West Frontier provinces and Waziristan with a couple of brigades.

Hopefully it won't come to that, but if it does, here's a chance to kill two birds with one stone and drain part of the long as we don't get involved in any farcical notions of 'nation building' while we're at it.

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Anonymous said...

what i don't like about this essay from ff is what i can see coming.
and what i see coming are a series of essays depicting the inept and, oh....what's that word that b.poster uses.....oh, yes, pathetic actions of the current sec. of state and the current occupant of the white house.
no doubt the essays will be well informed and written and will pi*s me off so much i'll probably take a baseball bat to my monitor.
please note, no monitors were injured in the writing of this post.