Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Verdict? Outta The Park!

Sarah Palin just delivered her acceptance speech, and in the words of FOX's Chris Wallace and even that evil little CNN rat Wolfie Blitzer, "a star is born."

The worst Gollum ( AKA Keith Olbermann) at MSNBC could say, the very worst, was to sniff that "People who like this sort of this sort of thing."

She went for a softer look tonight,but the steel underneath came through just fine. She still isn't totally polished and has a habit of stepping on her applause lines a little bit,but that'll come in time, and the slight tinge of amateurness adds to her image as an outsider.

Most of all, she spoke from the heart..and it came across over the airwaves.

Also endearing were the audience shots, especially the ones of Willow and Cindy McCain taking turns holding baby Trig..not sure if you saw those unless you were watchng the live feed here, courtesy of the RNC.

John McCain, the perennial flyboy looks to have won his gamble,and afterwards, he took the stage with Palin's family to congratulate her.

Tomorrow night, it's McCain's turn.

But tonight, the burden was on Sarah Palin's shoulders and she came through like a champ.

The Dems and their shills in the dinosaur media demonized this woman and inflated her into a monster. They have no clue, even now, what a big mistake that was.


Anonymous said...

"John McCain the perenial flyboy looks to have won his gamble..." It mau be to early to say just yet. Right now the selection of Palin appears to have energized the "base" without enraging the "independents" and the "moderates" that McCain will need to win the election, however, there is still a long time to go to the election.

The main stream media appears to have been caught off guard by the selection of Sarah Palin. As such, there attacks against her have been like wild punches. It remains to be seen whether or not any of these wild punches will actually connect in such a way as to do real damage to Ms. Palin.

The main stream media has far more resources at their disposal to "vet" Ms. Palin than the McCain had. What does seem clear is that she will be at least the second most thoroughly investigated political leader in American history and perhaps even the most investigated one. Right now the most scrutinized leader in US history is President George W. Bush. It does seem clear that to say the media dispises Mr. Palin would be the understatement of the young century.

"The dems and their shills in the dinosaur media demonized this woman and inflated into a monster. They have no clue, even now, what a big mistake that was." Right now they seem to be digging themselves a deeper hole by the personal attacks against this woman. Again, it remains to be seen if the Democrats and their media allies can find something that will resonate with the voters. So far I don't think they have.

Keith Olberman sniffs, "people who like this sort of thing, like this sort of thing." Sure there were a few critcisms of Democrats in her talk tonight, however, this would be expected. In fact, Democrats and their media llies criticize Republicans all the time. we would expect them to. This is what polticians and their supporters do. They criticize theri opponents. I didn't hear Mr. Olberman complain when Repbublicans were being criticized.

Finally, what I think like most so far about Ms. Palin is her stnace on energy. DRILL FOR MORE OIL!! By increasing our domestic supply of oil and building more refineries we would get greater marginal utility for our national defense needs than we would by invading another Middle Eastern country.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you actually believe that McCain stands a chance. Palin has as much political savvy as a two-year-old fighting over a bag of Fruit Snacks. She won't be a good VP and with Johnny Mac five seconds from a fatal heart attack, she cannot be handed the reins to the White House and the U.S. military.

Biden and Obama are the only way change can occur in this country and hand money and power back over to the people and out of the hands of Washington's lobbying slime. Biden has more political know-how than Palin could gather in 75 years. And, the proof that she can't run her own family convinces me that I shouldn't put her in control of mine.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 8:05
the only change you speak of is marxism. check out the caliber of life in any of the countries employing such an economic system and move there as soon as possible.
as for lobbying slime, check out the indictment of biden's son and brother. as for biden's know how, i would prefer someone without his style of know how any day. and for controlling your family, as long as hussein is NOT in the white house you don't have anything to worry about. i prefer someone who doesn't want to control my family.
now go someplace else and let others make your decisions for you.
you're done here.

i was only going to say that i'm glad that ff posted this essay and not that monkey boy, but then i tripped over a troll.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Poster ,
Good comments Poster, but I disagree with you on several points.

First of all, I don't share your opinion of the dinosaur media. They are far from all encompassing in their 'investigations.'

Part of that is that J-school no longer teaches investigation, but teaches advocacy journalism instead. The second part is that most 'journalists' operate in a gigantic, highly censored circle jerk - they merely redact whatever comes out of the NYT, the WAPO and AP and apply it to whatever the `script' is for a given story.

They also have a great deal less ability than the McCain campaign, or even the blogosphere when it comes to vetting.You know, since you read regularly that this site has been way ahead of the curve as compared to the dino media, and I'm hardly alone.

Hello, Anonymous.

I certainly hope the Obama campaign continues to underestimate and insult John McCain and Sarah Palin as you have.

As for Washington's lobbying slime, I'm not sure you really want to go there, do you?

Does the name Tony Rezco ring a bell? He has connections to both Biden and Obama. And talk about lobbying - do you want to put Biden's son out of a job? Or do a bit of research on the earmarks andpork Obama was involved in ever since his days in th estate legislature...or Biden's shilling for AmTrack where his other son is on the board!

I guess we'll see what happens n November, won't we.

Anonymous said...

b.poster said:
you are going to make me do something i don't want to go down on record as doing but i must.
i agree with pelosi on the drilling matter.
and this is why.
there are three(3) reasons gasoline is so expensive.
#1 the reason gasoline is $4/gallon is because we will pay it.
#2 there is no alternative means of transportation. public transportation will only get you so far, and even my home town in SE okla has taken the horse rings off the sidewalks.
#3 the price of gasoline is being set by billy ray valentine.
allow me to expound on #3.
the blonde jooo chick in detroitistan claims to have wall street sources that tell her the US consumption of oil is at 1974 levels. this, together with an interview on c-span a couple weeks ago with ben stein. in the interview he said something i have long thought but never heard anyone else even mention.
the price of gasoline is being set by hedge fund investors. they listed six of the top hedge funds to benefit from the price of gasoline. whose hedge fund was at the number five(5) position? you guessed it, the george soros hedge fund was the fifth largest beneficiary of the current price of gasoline in the US.
the investors are putting a price on it and saying let's see if they pay it. and you know what? we do.
if you increase the supply, who cares? the investors are the ones setting the price.
what you are doing is thinking that supply and demand are still a viable concept where no competition exists for an alternative means of transportation.
it's gasoline or nothing at all.
and the investors know it.
but most of all i regret you getting me to admit i agree with pelosi.

Rosey said...

She ripped the cover off the ball! I was impressed. Never heard of her a few days ago. Now I have the warm & fuzzies for the naughty librarian.

Sorry Louie, supply & demand still dictates the price off oil. I worked on NYMEX for a few years and I still get a belly laugh from you & the CNBC pundits. No hedge fund can control the price of oil, even Soros'. Soros makes money because he figures out the direction something is going in and makes a big big bet. Speculation can only push a market around for so long. I saw huge huge orders from Exxon push the market up or down for whole session or two, but no more. Oil has dropped $40 in 2 months because of demand destruction. Any speculators that bought $20 or $40 higher is bailing, and the bailing will continue...Watch...

Anonymous said...

Freedom Fighter

Thanks for the kind words. If we agreed on every thing, it would not be much fun now would it. Furthermore I would not learn as much. Actually, in this case, I don't think you and I are that far apart. When I used the term "vet", I put it in quotations because I did not mean it in the sense that a campaign investigates a running mate to find out about their past history and tries to reach an honest assessment about the person. What I mean is the media has far more resources than the McCain has to research a candidate's past history. I think this is probably indisputable, as the main stream media has more money to hire people such as private investigators, investigative reporters etc to go searching into Ms. Palin's past than the McCain would.

The media will not do their vetting to get to know Ms. Palin so as to present a fair picture of her to their audiences. They will do it to try and dig up dirt on her and her family. Of course McCain being the seaoned politician he is will know what the media will be looking for and what types of things will resonate with the voters. As such, he and his staff will know what to look for when vetting a running mate. If Ms. Palin was truthful during the question and answer sessions, there is probably nothing for her to be concerned about. If she was not truthful, then this could be a different story. Please understand I'm not trying to suggest she was not truthful.

Know this. In today's political environment, any dirt on a candidate especially a Conservative/Republican candidate WILL come out.

Btw, you are spot on about the media operating in a highly censored bubble. They appear to have been totally shocked by the Palin nomination. Had they been paying any attention to Republcan and so called Conservative pundits they would have known this nomination might be coming. Its hard to believe they did not know this with all the resources they have at their disposal.

If this were not so serious, it would actually be quite funny watching the elite media stammer wildly all over the place. So far they have been able to come up with the situation about Ms. Palin's daughter and the firing of the corrupt state trooper. If this is the best they can do, the elite media will look even stupider by the time this is over.

Just something to think about. The public knows the media is largely in the tank for Obama and the public has developed a somewhat jaded view of the elite media in recent years. This support may very well be hurting team Obama more than it is helping them!! In any event, I'm searching for some logical reason to explain why the polls indicate a close race when by all rights team Obama should have such a 20 to 30 point lead right now. Perhaps this is the reason.

Finally, this inability of the media to do any investigative reporting has really hindered our ability to confront the Russian threat, the Islamic terrorist threat, and to track down Saddam Hussein's missing WMD arsenal. Thankfully we have blogs and alternative sources.

Anonymous said...


First, I hoope and pray you and yours made it through Gustav okay.

I don't totally disagree with you about the speculators. Oil is averaging, it seems, between 115 to 125 per barrel right now. From the best I can determine, if there was no specualtion, the best case scenario seems to be that the price of oil might go down to $90 per barrel. What speculators do best is well, speculate. They try to guess whether the price will go up or down and if they are right they make money. If they are wrong, they lose money. Even if we could eliminate specualating and lower the price per barrel by $10 to $15 per barrel, this would not have a noticeable impact on Russia, Islamic terrorists, or the price at the pump. The effect at the pump would not be non existant but I don't think it would be significant. Nevertheless any reduction in price would be nice.

In order to have a meaningful impact on Russia, Venezuela, or Islamic terrorist nations, we would need to completely collapse the price of oil. By this I mean get the price down to $25 per barrel or less. There are two ways to do this. 1.) Collapse the world economy including the US.
2.)Increase the supply. I don't think anyone wants the first option. In any event, it is unlikely to happen any way. If the US economy disappeared in the next three years, India and China would continue to grow economically and the demand from Western Europe will only go up as well. In summary, barring an unlikely cataclysmic economic collapse that is world wide we are looking at oil selling in excess of $100 per barrel for the next hundred to two hundred years.

In my post, I used the terms "greater marginal utiilty for our defense needs" for a reason. I do not expect drilling for more of our own oil to solve all of our problems but I think it will help. Even if oil is selling for $125 per barrel and we are completely self sufficient, we would not be sending money to Islamic terrorists supporting countries, Russia, or Venezuela. Of course other nations will continue to use those sources, so I do not expect it to solve all of our problems.

Maybe I'm wrong about all of this. Perhaps speculators are fully to blame. At this point, the American people are being gauged and American enemies are growing richer by the moment. I really don't care who is to blame. I simply want it fixed and drilling for more of our own oil and buidling more refineries cannot hurt. As far as I can tell, I like Ms. Palin's stance on this. She did not seem to indicated that more drilling is a magic cure.

With that said, to the people who say we can't drill our way out of this situation. They are wrong. We have a large enough supply in the US to meet our needs. Now it will probably take ten years or more to fully develop it but it is there. If we do this, at least the $100 per barrel we are paying for it will stay in the US and not go to Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, or Russia. Such a situation, I believe, will give us greater utility for our national security needs than invading Iraq likely ever would have.

Oh and secure these borders to. This is something I don't look for McCain to do. I would like the Republican ticket better if Ms. Palin was at the top of it and Mr. McCain at the bottom of it.

Anonymous said...

glad to entertain you rosey.

the UN sucks.

Anonymous said...

i can see where you're coming from on you logic/reasoning and can agree with course of drilling.
however, i come at the situation from the viewpoint of competition and to explain my position is reeeeeally going to go off-topic from ms. palin's comments.
if gasoline had a competitor you could add a #3 to your list, imo.
now before i say this, i want to say that i am not boone pickens, nor do i endorse nor am i promoting his plan.
this is what i have thought for years.
natural gas.
in 1990 i bought a new vehicle and pursued changing the fuel injection system over to natural gas.
the cost at the time was $1500.
i was short of cash at the time, still am, and did not follow through.
there are people in tulsa advertising doing the changeover now for $10k. same thing. same system.
the people who do the change-overs claim that the system will begin paying back itself after 3 years at $4/gal.
these days i don't drive that much, and a person would definitely have to commit to keeping the vehicle for an additional investment like that.
however, if someone is going to keep a vehicle that long and had the money it would be worth it.
ONG in okla. is developing charging kits for people to charge their tanks from the nat. gas system in their homes. this would eliminate the need for developing the infrastructure that the major gasoline companies don't want to share.
i just think that we have gotten lazy with the cheap oil and need to use our heads, read as technology, to cause the change that imo would occur.
but the change that i speak of would have to be significant to cause any sort of a ripple.
imo, we are just like that little hamster on his wheel.
ditto on your border plan.

Anonymous said...

A greater use of natural gas would be a great idea!! I've read quite a bit about it. Not being a big governemnt knod of person, I'm hesitant to provide solutions that would involve the governemnt, however, the government could offer tax credits to assist with the switch over to natural gas. This would help people pay for this switch over.

Unfortunataly at this time I don't think the government is serious about lowering our dependence on foreign energy sources or trying to give our people some relief at the gas pump. For one thing, lowering the price of oil and gasoline would eliminate the demon of the oil companies that politicians love to flog over any thing and every thing.

The smart thing would be for the oil companies to get out in front on this natural gas technology and they could get some of the credit for lower fuel prices. I think they are looking at things fron to short term of a perspective.

If the prices consumers pay are not lowered soon, the oil companies will find their assets nationalized and their executives in federal prison. Did they do any thing wrong? Probably not. US oil companies are blip on the world market. They are unlikely to be able to control the price of oil. They may be able to something about the price at the pump but they don't make a huge margin off of a gallon of gasoline. In any event, it really doesn't matter. The kangaroo court will convict them. The oil companies need to find a way to lower the price at the pump and soon!! There survival as a non nationalized entity and the need for management to avoid lenghty jail time depends on it.

As for the border issue, it is not a matter of if but a matter of when Islamic terrorists will come accross these insecure borders and launch an attack on the US mainland. Then we may be able to get border security. I would prefer to secure the borders before this happens.

Rosey said...

I like Louie's natgas idea. I don't know about the economics of it or the car's performance, but the thought of gassing up in my own garage, and never having to go to a "Gas Station," is very appealing. In every house I've owned (3), I've installed a gas line for the barbecue grill, so I don't have drive around with a propane tank in the middle of a half cooked steak. The $10k conversion is probably a deal killer though. Methanol doesn't work, but how about Biodiesel?