Friday, September 12, 2008

"Dear Mr. Obama...."

An Iraqi war vet has a personal message for Barack Obama...priceless.


Anonymous said...

jmac and hussein show up at the same barber to get their hair cut & a shave. the only two seats vacant are next to each other.
the haircut/shaves are a virtual mexican stand-off with neither speaking.
when the barber finishes hussein, he starts to put a shaving lotion on his face.
hussein refuses saying "my wife will kill me. that stuff would make me smell like a wh*re house."
jmac's barber, having finished at the same time, had considered offering him the same lotion. jmac sensing the barbers hesitation says, "go ahead and put on the lotion, my wife and i don't know what a wh*re house smells like."

the preceding is of course fictitious. hussein would never go to a barber or buy his own aurugala.

Sabra said...

For whatever reason, YouTube isn't working here - and hasn't been - for several days. The clips load - start for all of two seconds then stop. I'll have to catch this at another time - another computer in another country - to be able to view it. Probably nothing to do with ramadan, though. No way... [Ha!]