Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Condi Fumbles Another One - North Korea

Ah yes...another 'success' by possibly our worst secretary of state ever. North Korea has trashed its agreement with the US, kicked out the UN's IAEA inspectors and revved up the centrifuges at its Yongbyon nuclear facility:

In a highly provocative snub to Washington, Beijing and Seoul, North Korea has broken the United Nations seals that had disabled its nuclear programme, and said it would soon begin feeding atomic material back into its Yongbyon facility.

As well as kicking UN nuclear watchdog inspectors out of the country and re-opening its reprocessing plant, Pyongyang is now likely to demand the removal of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) seals on the thousands of plutonium fuel rods removed from the plant last year.

The fuel rods represent the most critical ingredient in the resurrection of Kim Jong Il’s nuclear weapons programme – a scenario which the United States and North Korea’s immediate neighbours thought they had negotiated off the table and are desperate to avoid.

Of course, being Brits, the Times blames the US and cites 'the continued designation of North Korea by the US as a sponsor of terrorism' rather than the poisonous nature of North Korea'a fascist regime itself...and never mind that Condi Rice successfully got the Bush Administration to take them off the list back in June. According to the Times, I guess Kim Jong-Il and his pals just needed love and understanding...

As usual, John Bolton saw this coming.

As for Condi Rice, she can put North Korea on her list of diplomatic accomplishments,no?

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