Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Biden To Leave The Ticket??

I keep hearing consistent rumors that Joe Biden is going to be forced off the Democrat ticket.

Yeah, I know, just rumors and scuttlebutt, but I keep hearing them.

The way it's supposedly going down is that sometime after October 5th Biden will step down from being Obama's running mate because of 'health reasons'and Hillary will come on the ticket. The reason for the October 5th date is the VP debate on October 2nd, which Biden will handle either because Hillary wouldn't have sufficient time to prep or simply refused..and anyway, they want Hillary to be an October surprise and try to pull things out at the last minute.

How personally, I don't see how the Dems could pull this off, or why Hillary would gain by pulling Obama out of a mess of his own making, but them's the rumors I keep hearing consistently.

Your thoughts?


Smithy said...

If Biden does poorly -- puts his foot in his mouth -- at the VP debate, he might be forced off the ticket. Hillary might then accept the VP spot to stop the rise of Sarah Palin, otherwise Sarah might run for president after being VP for four or eight years, and if Obama promises Hillary enough power to make her a copresident. My own prediction of the outcome of the VP debate is at http://mrsmithmyname.wordpress.com/2008/09/16/my-prediction-for-the-bidenpalin-vp-debate-in-october/

Still Thinking said...

If they do this, they risk one wild card possibility. Depending on how angry Hillary is about the primary race, if Barack let go of BIden, Hillary could simply say thanks but no thanks, and leave him in a complete lurch.

I would add, that adding Hillary now would just make Hillary look like second best, and I just don't think she would want that label hung on her.

Anonymous said...

Lovely thought, Tom Eagleton '72 redux....

If it DID work and people did NOT see it as the ploy that it would be and O'Barry and Shrillery won, can you imagine Billy J wandering around DC without even a nominal purpose to keep him in control??


Might just guarantee Republican control of the Legislative and the Executive (and the Judicial as a result) for the rest of the century.

Anonymous said...

It will make Obama look like a dope. Choosing a bad running mate would be just one more bad judgement call...and he has made nothing but a long string of bad judgements.

And nobody is going to buy the "Biden is sick" excuse, because the rumors are already expecting that.

Anonymous said...

I think Hillary would turn Obama down if he offered her the VP slot at this point. She doesn't want the #2 spot. Were she VP, she'd have to wait 8 years until she has the chance to run after BHO leaves office. If BHO screws up and loses in 2012, Hillary might have to wait until 2020 if the person who defeats BHO is a two-termer. Better for her to sit this out and hope McCain wins. Then she'll likely face Palin in 2012.

And more importantly, Obama's ego is too big to have her & Bill around in 2009.

Nice post, but it's going to be Obama & Biden on the ballot come November.

Roy Lofquist said...

I have been watching Presidential elections since 1952. I must say that I am puzzled. The Obama campaign looks like a bunch of sixth graders who say "Let's put on a play". Elvis has left the building. Enter the Three Stooges.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Y'all!
I agree, it seems unlikely to me that Hillary would take the #2 post now and sit in Obama's shadow for 8 years.

Yet, I keep hearing this rumor from various sources..lotta chatter on the ground as they say. So I thought I'd pass it on and see what you thought.

As I was discussing with my pal Weekend Monkey the other day, the Clintons are in a quandry.The original plan was probably to do the minumum necessary on Obama's campaign, watch him get trounced handily and work for 2012...and then Sarah Palin came along.

I admit that I couldn't see Hillary doing it, UNLESS she was promised something spectacular.And Mr. Bill, of course, would be a loose cannon.Needless to say, Obama's track record isn't good when it comes to keeping promises, so one consideration she might have is how she could hold the chosen One to any agrement he made with her. Remember, he already reneged on paying off her campaign debt, $5M of which was her own moolah, courtesy of Mr. Bill and the Emir of Dubai.

We'll see, eh?

All Best,

Anonymous said...

It will make Obama look like a dope.

it will????????
he IS a dope and he has almost 50% of the vote.
they don't care.
the dims don't care about any of this.
they wouldn't care if hussein dropped out of the race and came back on nov. 3.
they don't care.
and hussein has almost 50% of the vote.

Anonymous said...

Biden is a perfect politician - experienced, intelligent, wise. But that's it. When Palin came to stage, and "PalinMania" started, Biden became invisible. So rumors claim, that Biden will officially "resign because of health problems", and Obama will invite Hillary to join his fight against Palin. Because she, and no longer McCain, is Obama's biggest problem now. http://www.votetheday.com/polls/obama-is-dumping-biden-269

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello VoteTheDay,
I'm not sure I agree with you in connecting the words `intelligent' and 'wise' with Joe Biden!

I agree, Hilary is a problem fo rObama, but his own questionable background, policies an dassoiciations are a lot bigger ones.


Anonymous said...

I can't see hillary joining the ticket. Right now, the chance of a McCain/Palin victory is too high for her to chance being on a losing ticket.

I'd suspect that he doesn't care at this point if the democrats lose in November. She sees herself as the "savior" of the party for 2012. The monkey wrench in this equation is Gov. Palin. I think that at the moment, hillary hates her even more than she hates "The Anointed One". A McCain/Palin win in Nov. could put Palin in the race for President in 2012. If so, as an incumbent, and especially if Palin does well as VP, hillary could find herself out of the White House forever. What a delightful thought. To challenge Palin, the dnc would want a woman younger than hillary.

No doubt, hillary has given this scenario a great deal of thought and blames the dnc for the fact that she isn't the current dnc candidate, even though she lost on rules she help develop; rules designed to ensure the nomination when to her. Sometimes you can connive too much, and it appears that hillary's conniving cost her the White House for good. And, for the good of the nation.

Biden may be dropped for a woman, but look for someone other than hillary to take the spot. hillary has made a lot of enemies within the dnc.

Anonymous said...

Oh please, Please, PLEEEAASE let the Obama Campaign dump Biden for Hillary...I'll carve a Halloween Pumpkin with a tombstone for their campain. It'll be a blood bath.

Anonymous said...

I think its very likely. Now I'm not Hilliary fan nor am I an Obama fan. In fact, I would never vote for a ticket with either one of them on it. Now, with that said, an Obama/Clinton ticket has a much better chance of winning than does an Obama/Biden ticket. In fact, a ticket with Mrs. Clinton in the Presidental slot and Obama in the VP slot would have an even better shot at winning still.

It has been largely an article of faith that the Clintons are trying to make Obama lose in November. There is virtually no evidence to back this claim up. A loss for Obama is a loss for the Democrats with is ulitimately a loss for Clinton. Clinton may be sore at losing and as such may not be campaigning very hard for Obama. The two things I see that may prevent Clinton from getting the VP nomination are as follows: 1.) Clinton may be sore at losing and may have to much pride to accept the VP slot. 2.)The opposite may be the problem. Obama may have to much pride.

In the end, ordinarily we would look for common sense to prevail. By putting Clinton on the ticket this would go a long way toward unifying the party. As stated previously, I'm no fan of either of them but one must admit such a ticket would be virtually unbeatable in today's political environment.

Since no one with either an R or a D by their names that holds a position of power has exibited much common sense of late and the Democrats have exibted even less common sense than the Republicans, i think there is only about a 50/50
chance the Democrats will replace Biden with Clinton.

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled with this prospect. With Hillary he can have my Florida vote. otherwise, NoBama. He is inexperienced, arrogant and too airy-fairy for the real problems we have.
Hillary - PUMAs love you!

Anonymous said...

You all are retarded. Why would the campaign risk so much!? Obama/Biden Campaign should win in a landslide come November. 3 issues that matter: The economy, health care, and War in Iraq. It's sad because I am creating plenty of wealth, but I realize we need someone in the White House that actually cares about the People! Jeez guys/gals wake up!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...a quick Google search of this rumor brings up only conservative weblogs and no reputable news source. Why would Obama drop Biden WHEN HE'S AHEAD IN THE POLLS? If anybody were to be dropped, which I very, very much so doubt, it'd be Palin, who hasn't been quite the boon for the GOP ticket as I think they'd expected her to be.

Keep dreaming, guys.