Friday, September 12, 2008

How Daily Kos Observed 9/11

And no, I'm not kidding.

Don't question their patriotism though...


GW said...

I was actually going to comment "your kidding" before getting down to the "No I am not kidding" link. My tourettes will not allow for a full comment. That aside, most on that page who said "are you nuts" did so from the standpoint of what the right would make of it. These people are really certifiable. God help us if they ever get their hands on the police powers of the state.

So, did you have to shower after trolling Kos to see the 9-11 reaction?

Freedom Fighter said...

Oh, I'd have to leave a coment to be a true troll GW ( BTW, congrats on your Council winning streak...well done!). I've done it in the past but aside from a lowgrade version of the same sort of giddy thrill one gets from tossing a firecracker or firing off a .44 magnum at an abandoned car, it really isn't worth it. And, as you mention, the smell is nigh intolerable.