Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Gaza Is The World's Largest Concentration Camp"

That's the considered opinion of Lauren Booth, pictured above buying Snickers bars and a few other creature comforts at a well stocked grocery in Gaza City in between meetings with her Hamas pals.

Booth, Tony Blair's sister-in-law is one of the useful idiots in that “Free Gaza” group who set out on two boats from Cyprus in an attempt to break the blockade of the terrorist enclave. The Israeli navy declined to stop them or sink them perhaps because of Booth's presence so they got through, after which Booth and nine of her Hamas loving friends chose to remain in Gaza, giving up their places for the return trip on the boats to Hamas 'refugees' bound for Europe.Unfortunately, she's stuck there now, unable to exit through Israel or Egypt. And ranting about concentration camps to the media.

Now, perhaps I'm being uncharitable.

Like many if not most Leftards, Ms. Booth undoubtedly comes from a privileged background and may not understand exactly what a concentration camp is. Perhaps she merely needs some instruction:

This is a mass grave in Bergen-Belsen, Ms. Booth. You see, the Nazi concentration camps were designed not to 'concentrate people, but to murder them, man, woman and child.

This is another feature of real concentration camps, Ms.Booth..ovens designed to burn the bodies of victims.

And this, Ms. Booth, is what the victims of concentration camps look like. This jolly photo was taken in the German camp of Wobbelin. Being primitive sorts, the Americans insisted on taking the townspeople for a little tour after the Germans insisted they had no idea of what was going on downwind from them.

After they were forced to take the tour, the Mayor of the town and his wife both committed suicide.

Again, just so you fully understand what's coming out of your mouth...this is what a concentration camp looks like.

Seen anything like this in Gaza while you were shopping to feed your face,Ms. Booth?

Seen anything remotely like it?

I didn't think so.

Now that we're clear on this little matter, I also have to report that British diplomats are actually working diligently on getting this foul harridan out of this trap of her own making and back to Britain.

You're quite welcome to her, cousins. For my part, I wouldn't waste spit on her if she were on fire.


Anonymous said...

I can sense you're really angry about this ignorant idiotic woman's comments. Seeing all those horrible pictures of the concentration camps' victims only makes me agree with you completely.

When I hear some self-proclaimed "experts" opine on things they know nothing of, all I want to do is take their heads and smash them together, and that goes for both the Left and Right.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Nazar,
Yes, this kind of willful stupidity an darrogance does anger me. People throw terms like this around far too easily.

It especially angers me to hear it coming from a Briton, since the UK was complicit in the death toll at places like this by shutting off Jewish immigration to Palestine on the eve of the Holocaust and trapping millions of Jews in Europe who otherwise might thave been saved..and then doing their level best to arm, officer and train the Arab armies in 1948 to kill off the surviving Jews in Israel a mere three years after Auschwitz was liberated.


Anonymous said...

If you strip concentration camp of its historical context, then all it just means is an organized location where people or resources are concentrated and stockpiled.

And certainly it is true that Palestinians have been stockpiling their people, their hate, and their weapons in the territory known as Judea.

Anonymous said...

I think its important for people to remember she's fighting for the good side, even if you think she's doing it badly - atleast she's doing it.
It might be stupid of her to label it "the largest concentration camp" but the more she exagerates the more media attention she gets, and thats what Gaza needs right now.
I think people should be happy enough that someone cares, and not be pedantic about their methods. If you want to help the situation, don't spread hate about your allies, why not try and help her find a better way? or do something yourself? its pretty easy to sit comfortably at home and criticise peoples methods.
She's just using any means neccesary to bring attention to a suffering people, she's not trying to down-play the holacaust, why isn't that obvious to you?
I don't agree with what she's said, but i know why she's said it. If you had the patience and the open mind to take a deeper look, maybe you will too.
The world is full of hate, please stop adding to it.
- Joel

Freedom Fighter said...

I couldn't disagree woth you more, Joel.

She's not 'fighting for the good side' but for evil. I suggest you find out a bit more about Hamas before you make a remark that's frankly absurd.

For instance, Hamas officially endorses the murder of all Jews worldwide, not just in Israel. Read it's official charter sometime. You agree with that agenda? I hope not.

As for her use of the Holocaust, it's not just hyperbole but rank Jew hatred. She is comparing Israel to the Nazis. My entire point here was to remind people of what a real Holocaust looks like. Trust me, if th eIsraelis were doing that, there wouldn't be a single Arab alive in Gaza today.

You seem to bleed compassion for only one side in this fight. Ever hear of what's going on in places like Sderot?

The people of Gaza,like those of the Palestinian occupied areas of Judea and Samaria(AKA the West Bank)elected Hamas to represent them them and endorsed their agenda. Elections have consequences, and if these people live miserably, they bear some responsibility.

There was absolutely nothing after Israel pulled out of Gaza to stop them or their governmnent from simply agreeing to live peacefully with their neighbor. THEY CHOSE NOT TO.

Hatred is added to the world in many ways, actually committing the acts and by acquiesing to it passively.

Confronting evil doesn't add to it.

In that spirit, I ask you to stop adding to the hatred in the world by supporting it an dpassively encouraging it..


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your response Rob, alot of people would have ignored me.
After spending just a little time researching some of the things youve mentioned ive noticed my obvious mistakes and ask forgiveness for the things ive said.
The teachings ive recieved from my parents have led me to believe certain things are true, ive never challenged these ideas. Although, blaming others solves nothing, its my own ignorance thats led me to where I am.
I'm still not sure where I stand, but will continue to study and learn untill I know the truth (if the truth is even obtainable these days)
All I can really do is hope my age gives me some leniancy for my possible wrong doings, I'm only just becoming a man and begining to find my own path, instead of following the one placed infront of me.
If you could suggest any literature that may help me I would be very greatfull, but I have been rude and would not be offended if you refused.
- Joel

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Joel,
And welcome to Joshua's Army.

Absolutely no problem, I understand what you're saying. The term 'Holocaust' is used a lot these days, especially by people who want to demonize Israel.

The only thing in modern times close to the Holocaust was the Armenian Genocide in 1915, because it was likewise perpetrated by an armed force against an unarmed civilian population with the idea not of simply driving them away or taking territory they held but by killing them simply because of whom they were.

Hitler himself made reference to this at the Wannasee council where the plans for the Holocaust were drawn up.When one of his subordinates expressed concern about whether the plan would work, Hitler replied: "Who remembers the Armenians nowadays?"

Here are a few books you might find interesting.

On the Holocaust, I recommend Lucy Dawidowicz's award winning "The War Against The Jews for a factual account of the Holocaust. I also recommend "The Scourge Of The Swastika" by Lord Russell of Liverpool, one of the Nuremburg prosecutors..if you can handle it.

For background on Israel and the Middle East, a great place to start is "From Time Immemorial" by Joan Peters.

Peters is a writer who originally won a pulitzer for her expose of the Klu Klux Klan an dwent to the Middle East intending to write a pro-Palestinian book on the refugee crisis. Once she started doing her research, she came up with something very different.Th ebook will tellk you how Israel and 'Palestine' came to be.

You might also want to do a search on JoshuaPundit in th e'search blog' section under 'two state solution'.There perhaps some food for thought there.

Thanks for dropping by.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your help Rob, I apreciate it.
Am I right in thinking the Rwandan Genocide is similar? Apparently over 800,000 Tutsi's where killed by the Hutu power idealogy and its followers. It was designed simply to rid the world of all Tutsi's, man women and child, thats why it sounds similar to me, but I may be exagerating as I don't know how accurate that statistic really is.
I'll get down to the library and find these books, it seems there is more to this than ive been led to believe. They say the greatest trick of the devil is fooling the world into thinking he doesn't exist, he definately fooled me.
Thank You,
- Joel

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Joel,
Here's a key difference. The Rwandan genocide was an outgrowth of a tribal war, designed to take territory, life and property from another rival group in the same country and drive them out. Those Tutsis that fled the country were not pursued beyond Rwanda's borders, and the Hutu made no effort to invade neighboring countries to pursue the Tutsi or to persuade neighboring countries to turn their Tutsis over to them.

The Rwandan genocide is similar to the Armenian genocide in this regard.

During the Holocaust, the Germans concentrated on ingathering for the express purpose of genocide as a matter of national policy, and made attempts to get countries such as Finland that they did not occupy to turn over their Jews to them to be murdered.They also co-opted anti-Semitic locals in countries they occupied ( France, Ukraine,Poland, etc.) with varying degrees of success.

They were not merely trying to drive out a rival national group from their territory, but to exterminate a civilian population that posed absolutely no threat to them. And they devoted considerable manpower and resources to do it as a policy goal.

We've never really seen anything in history like it, and I hope we never do again.


Anonymous said...

this concerns Rob and Joel..
Maybe its a bit late to reply as i have just read this article...
To start off with, I agree with what Joel said regarding her exaggeration in claiming it to be a holocaust. However there is one thing both of you probably didnt realise.. When we talk about hamas, fateh, and others we are then talking about political and governmental figures. which disregards civilians including men, women and children.

Yes israel doesnt pile up the dead bodies around the city and throw alive palestenians in gas chambers or simply burn them... However, having military planes, tanks, weaponary and violence used against the palestenian CIVILIANS is certainly inhuman.
you said it yourself, "because it was likewise perpetrated by an armed force against an unarmed civilian population with the idea not of simply driving them away or taking territory they held but by killing them simply because of whom they were."
I can see clearly enough that this is the case in Palestine...
Another thing you should know is how to diffrenciate between jewish, and israeli people.
Jewism is a brother from christianity and islam, this leads to the assumption of having them similar to each other and have very much in common. such as believing in the same god, and now israelis are considering to demolish the religous culture in Palestine, which is the worlds "religous place" (islamic mosques, churches etc..)

Its all written on the israeli flag, where the two stripes represent ( Nahr Al Furat in Iraq and Nahr El niel in Egypt) With their symbol in between, which represents the concept that Israel owns everything between these two rivers which consequently means taking over palestine, egypt, jordan, syria, lebanon, iraq.

I would also like to add that the concept of having officers train "Arabs" kill every jew in Palestine, or Israel as you call it, is typical of what american and israerli forces want people like you to believe. At that time, if Palestenians had the power and ability to do that, they would've done so. But how can a rock penetrate tanks of steel and aircrafts that bomb whats beneath it at unreachable altitudes? People see Arabs as terrorists and living in a land they dont own, because of the media.

The debate of whether who owns the land is endless and we can keep on arguing about it until we're bored, so basically thats not what i want im trying to say. What im saying is that your article and responses to Joel seem biased towards israel, yet you ask Joel to look at the other side of the story?
Just so you know, Im an Arab, and a Muslim. I have never supported any attaks that were made against civilians, regardless whether they were israelis or arabs.
Just to sum things up "freedom fighter" (which sounds very contradictive to me) you said in response to Joels first message "She's not 'fighting for the good side' but for evil. I suggest you find out a bit more about Hamas before you make a remark that's frankly absurd."
Cant you realise our main concern is the people of Gaza and the palestenian people? i couldnt be more against extremists, as they are the ones who give the bad image we have right now. Instead of advising people to look deeper into the israeli side or the "good side" as you call it, and have them believing one side strictly, I advise you to look into the palestenian people and not their extremists (including hamas)...

Please forgive if you were insulted in anyway.



Freedom Fighter said...

Hello, Hamzah.

First of all, I'm sorry about the delay in your comment appearing, as I was offline for two days.

I'm not insulted in the least by what you had to say, but we unfortunately have some disagreements.

You wrote 'When we talk about hamas, fateh, and others we are then talking about political and governmental figures. which disregards civilians including men, women and children.'

Actually, Hamas an openly genocidal organization that calls for killing Jews worldwide was freely elected to represent them by the Palestinian people, which means that the civilians you're talking about endorsed Hamas and its program.

Choices have consequences, as Germans of the generation that elected the Nazis to office could tell you.

I also think your analogy comparing the IDF to the German Army in using military force against a civilian population is seriously flawed:

1) Had Hamas not been firing missiles against Israel's civilians, no IDF attack on Gaza would have taken place. The Nazi Wehrmacht, on the other hand, attacked a civilian population that had committed no aggression against them whatsoever.

2) Had the IDF operated like the Nazis did, there would be no Palestinians today. They wouild have fled or been killed...rather the way almost a million Jews throughout the Arab world were treated after 1948. In fact, even people who are critical of the IDF acknowledge the steps they took during Cast lead to try and preserve civilian life despite Hamas using the population for human shields.

You wrote "Another thing you should know is how to diffrenciate between jewish, and israeli people.

Jewism is a brother from christianity and islam, this leads to the assumption of having them similar to each other and have very much in common. such as believing in the same god, and now israelis are considering to demolish the religous culture in Palestine, which is the worlds "religous place" (islamic mosques, churches etc..)"

I hate to be rude about it, Hamzah, but you are severely misinformed.

I defy you to show me one mosque or church that Israel has demolished. However, I can show you a number of Jewish religious shrines that have been desecrated and destroyed by Muslims.

If the Jews of Israel look at this past history and have decided to take steps to protect their religious shrines, I'm sure you can understand why.

I'm afraid you're also simply misinformed about the stripes on the Israeli flag symbolizing a desire to dominate everything between the Nile and Euphrates.

No Israelis I have ever heard of either believe or want this. Instead, what they'd really like is to be left in peace to live in their country, just like anyone else.

As for the people of Gaza, its important to recognize that the Israelis did exactly that for them, withdrawing their civilians and leaving them in peace.

They could have spent their energies building themselves a country. Instead they chose to import weapons from Iran and viciously attack Israel, and that's what changed things and caused both Egypt and Israel to blockade their borders.

Tell me Hamza...what would you do if someone was shooting missiles at your home. Wouldn't you try to stop them?

Rob Miller

Anonymous said...

she couldve been in the right or wrong, just depending on how you interperate what shes saying. this is kinda random too... but my teachers name is tony blair...

Anonymous said...

I only disagree with one thing in your article and also find it insulting. I am an American and I am not as you call us,"a primative sort."

Rob said...

I also hail from our beloved Republic Anonymous..the 'primitive remark was intended as sarcasm directed at those 'evolved' types who were willing to forgive and forget the Nazi crimes and go back to business as usual. And there were more of them than you might think.

Anonymous said...

As a freedom fighter what choices do you have if you were Palestinian?

Rob said...

Anonymous 5:57,
We're talking about openly genocidal organizations that deliberately target civilians, steal aid money intended for the people it's supposedly 'fighting' for, uses them as human shields and rule them as a dictator.

If that's what you consider 'freedom fighters' than we really have no point of agreement.

And yes, I'm talking about both Hamas and Fatah.

I would also say that if the Arabs whom identify themselves as Palestinians want people like this as their rulers, ( and based on the last election they had they seem to) they have no business having a state and are unfit for statehood or freedom.

The choice you refer to , of course would have been to concentrate on building a state and a future in the land the Israelis gave them, even if it wasn't quite everything they wanted.

That,BTW, is exactly what the Jews did in 1948.

Anonymous said...

So sad , if Jews understood and learn from their own past history surely they would not bombard and killing women and young Palestine children .. It's like body builder fighting with toddler ..

Rob said...

Oh yeah, Anonymous. The Jews should just let Hamas fire rockets at their civilians and let their kids be kidnapped and murdered with a smile.

I know you just love that idea, but those days are over.

Did it ever occur to you that if Hamas wasn't doing that, and if they weren't using their women and children as human shields there wouldn't BE any fighting?

What an idiot and moral delinquent you are.