Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Psst! Have You Heard The Latest On Sarah Palin??

If anyone had any doubts left on the biased and partisan nature of the dinosaur media, I'm sure they've evaporated by now. The dino media jackals have their collective heads so far up Barack Obama's posterior that a sudden turn without signalling could disable a large part of America's so-called Fourth Estate with severe whiplash.

Notice, for instance, the skimpy coverage the GOP Convention in St. Paul is getting from the nets as compared to the 'all Democrats, all the time' coverage the Donkey gathering in Denver received. The bloviations of Teddy Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Bill Clinton and the rest of the usual suspects were carried live and in full, while last night's speeches by President Bush and superb offerings by Joe Lieberman and Fred Thompson were well, ignored for the most part.

Could the fact that Lieberman is a renegade Donkey who strayed off the reservation and Thompson's speech contained a superb smack down aimed at the dinosaur media and the Obama campaign for their vilification of Sarah Palin have anything to do with it? You think?

That vilification has approached new levels of slime that ought to make it necessary for most newsrooms to install showers for the hourly cleansings necessary to keep most of the denizens of the dinosaur media smelling even remotely human.

Not only are they out to destroy this woman and her children, they're out to make her a tabloid white trash cartoon character.

The above garbage, by the way, is published by Jann Wenner, the ultra Left partisan Rolling Stone has-been. And its parent company, Time-Warner, has one of its top executives sending out cheerful little emails to everyone pimping this US Weekly `scoop'. But then, that same executive used to work for the Clintons at the White pimping is probably second nature.

Nor is it just limited to the dinosaur media's tabloid outlets. Here's two samples ( and I had literally dozens to pick from) of the garbage being peddled by these shills, who actually refer to themselves as journalists and serious commentators:

* Palin Slashed Funding For Teen Moms, written by Paul Kane, "Journalist" for the Washington Post.

The truth? This crap - and I dignify it by calling it crap- refers to Covenant House. Palin merely cut back on the expansion of state funding for the program. The original state funding for the previous year was $1,194,788. The proposed increase was to increase the government funding up to $5 million. What Governor Palin did was to reduce the increase to a mere $3,900,000...which for those of you whom are math challenged is an INCREASE by more than three times the government allotment from the previous year. And by the way, the WAPO has yet to retract this garbage, and it is still getting massive play on Lefty blogs and Air America.

*'October Surprise' Over Palin Investigation? "Likely Damaging" Report on Governor Scheduled for Release Days Before November Election This bit of slime comes courtesy of ABC News (hat tip, Wolf Howling ).

As you know, Governor Palin is undergoing a trumped up and partisan fueled 'ethics violations investigation', based on her supposed firing of a state cabinet member she appointed because he refused to fire a loose canon state trooper who threatened members of her family. You can read exactly how spurious this all is at the above link. The real story here is ABC News, who breached any semblance of journalistic ethics by publishing an interview with the Democrat conducting the ongoing ethics investigation...and the Democrat in question, Alaska state senator Hollis French,who is supposed to be conducting an impartial investigation but is violating his mandate to conduct an impartial investigation by taking advantage of the Democrat shills is the main stream media to try and convict Governor Palin in the media, giving out soundbites about her `credibility problem' and the 'damaging report' he plans to release on October 31st.

Talk about an ethics violation! If you read the interview, it's obviously that this little tool already had his report written before he did any 'investigation'. Yet he's planning on timing the release four days before the election, so there's no chance of rebutting it. And the partisan hacks at ABC are aiding and abetting him in an attempt to influence the election.

And that's just two examples of so-called straight news pieces. The Leftist commentary is even worse.

While I'm not going to dignify any of this horse manure with links, the basic focus is clear. They are out to destroy Sarah Palin and her family.Yesterday, as I reported here, the New York Times had, count `em three page one stories about Bristol Palin's pregnancy. MSNBC and the Huffington Post, when they're not demonizing Palin over her support for gun rights or her religion are providing `exposes' of Todd Johnston, who is now referred to as `Bristol's baby daddy. Much is being made of the fact that he's joining the Palin family at the convention.

Slate, owned by the Washington Post, is actually running a 'Name Bristol Palin's Baby' contest.

Let's contrast this, shall we, with the media's 'hands off' policy on the teenage Chelsea Clinton when she was in the White House. Were any of the dinosaur media sniffing around her sex life? And does anybody recall how NBC News suspended reporter David Shuster for claiming that Hillary's campaign was 'pimping' her daughter?

How about when Al Gore's son was arrested on dope and speeding charges back in 2007? Or when Howard Dean's son was busted for burglary back in 2003? And what about Joe Biden's daughter getting arrested in a bar scene and threatening the arresting officers with her daddy's power? Did these shills give it more than a cursory glance, or impute anything to their fathers because of it?

Even more hypocritically, these are the same people who are attacking Sarah Palin as a woman for supposedly placing her political ambitions above her family, for running for vice president rather than 'being there for her 4-month-old baby and her daughter.'

I wonder how many of these cretins have actually raised children in a traditional nuclear family with both parents present to work as a team? Or imagine the guilt in a seventeen year old if her behavior caused her mother to lose out on a chance to run for vice president?

Though of course, that's not the point. The only way Sarah Palin could get these people's approval would be to abort Bristol's baby with her own two hands, live on national TV. And then endorse Obama and the pro infanticide ticket.

Come to think of it, that's exactly what this attempt by the democrats to abort Sarah Palin's candidacy before the American people have a chance to get to know her and make up their own minds.

The dinosaur media will undoubtedly run all of Sarah Palin's acceptance speech tonight. Having outdone themselves in sleaze and made her personal life The Story, I can't how they can avoid it. And they're hoping she'll buckle under the pressure and fall flat on her face.

I have a feeling she might just surprise them with a killer outing, particularly if the McCain campaign doesn't try to overscript her and just lets her be herself. She has an opportunity tonight to let the American people meet her and tell them who she is, what she's done and what she stands for.

I give her a decent shot. Americans in general dislike bullies, and, as the Rasmussen polls revealed, most of the American people already know the media is shilling for Obama and trying to foist the Chosen One on our Republic.

It would be a superb bit of irony if the attempt to demonize Sarah Palin and make her persona the issue exploded in the faces of the perpetrators.

You go, girl!

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for me McCain's age isn't an issue anymore.