Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain Suspends Campaign, Debate To Deal With Financial Crisis

Here we have an example of Country First versus me first; John McCain, in a surprise announcement said that he was suspending his campaign and postponing Friday's debate in order to go to Washington and deal with the current congressional fracas over the financial bail out legislation, and called for Barack Obama to do the same.

Obama, in a game of twistee unique even for him first insisted that he was the one who first called McCain and suggested it...but he now has no plans to suspend his campaign or the debate.Which,of course,makes his original story nonsensical.Sort of like he was for the idea before he was against it....

Even crazier when it comes to the game of political twister is the odious Harry Reid, the Democrat senate majority leader.

Yesterday, the Democrats, only interested in playing politics and absolutely unconcerned about whether the economy went into a tailspin or not announced that without the strong support and vote of John McCain personally, they would refuse to vote in favor of any bailout and the bill would be dead:

Now, all of a sudden, since Barack Hussein Obama has decided that his fundraising and campaigning is more important than actually doing his job as senator and stepping up to deal with an actual crisis, Reid, who yesterday was asking John McCain to tell them what to do is now telling McCain to get lost and stay away from Washington.

Reid's rationale is that McCain, whom he was begging to come to Washington yesterday should now stay away because McCain's arrival would be 'a political stunt'. This foul little man cannot conceive of the fact that the nation's business might just be more important than partisan political warfare. And neither does Obama.

McCain, perceiving that he just might be the key to heading this crisis off, is on his way to Washington DC regardless of what Reid, Obama or any other idiot with his head up his posterior might think.

That, of course, is the difference between a principled leader and a jackass out for himself first, last and always. And I have a feeling the American people might just see this the same way.

UPDATE:Believe it not, President Bush shafted McCain once again. He apparently made a personal call to the Chosen One asking him to come to DC and actually do his job...and according to Obama's spokesmouth, he'll be there, for a nice cozy bi-partisan phot-op. And thus, he deprives McCain of the benefit of appearing to the American people as someone who cares more about the country than his campaign and provides Obama with good PR and an out.

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Anonymous said...

would you expect any thing else from the current occupant of the white house.
he can tell an internationalist when he sees one, and he sees one in hussein.
what's hussein gonna do, vote present?
against my better judgement, i'll say mccain should have stayed with the campaign/debate. the sooner everyone sees mccain and hussein without his teleprompter the better off mccain will be. that would make the palin/biden debate even more interesting.
if the bill is so damned important then come in on sat/sun and debate it.