Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama Gets Hammered On O'Reilly

Obama promised never to go on FOX, and even boycotted the Donkey debate hosted on FOX by the Congressional black caucus - remember?

He would have been better off staying away as this outing on the O'Reilly factor proves.It was so bad O'Reilly actually took pity on him towards the end.

Here's a couple of little points O'Reilly was too polite to bring up - but I will.

* Obama claims he condemned the 'General Betray-Us' ad by MoveOn. He did not.

* Obama claims Reverend Jeremiah Wright was not his 'spiritual mentor.' In fact, that's exactly how Obama described him in his speech on race in Philadelphia, as well as on other occasions...and until it became inconvenient to keep him around, Wright was the head of the Obama campaign's religious outreach.

Simply pitiful, that this is the best one of our major parties can come up with to run for president.


Anonymous said...

As usual, O'Reilly makes an ass out of himself with his rudeness and constant interruptions. He's even more of a self-parody than Stephen Colbert in this interview.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Nazar!
Where have you been? Nice to hear from you...

I'm not an O'Reilly fan,( and I'm not familiar with Colbert) but I don't quite agree that he was particularly rude...especially considering the points he could have brought up in response to Obama's deliberate falsehoods.

I think what you're seeing in an attempt by Obama to spin and bypass certain uncomfortable facts and O'Reilly simply not giving him a pass on it...which if you think about it, is kinda what O'Reilly's gig is, after all.

Take care, and drop by more often.