Sunday, September 14, 2008

"Jesus Was A Community Organizer..."

The latest cute tagline the Donkeys are spouting is this zinger: "Jesus was a community organizer,Pilate was a governor.."

The point is to equate the Obamamessiah and the Democrats with Christ and Palin and the Republicans with Pilate.I can't think of a more disrespectful way to refer to the figure Christians revere as the Son of G-d and their Saviour.

As a matter of fact, G-d had a little something to say about that kind of idolatry,if you remember.

Even if we leave out Christ's spiritual position, which was considerable, he was a Rabbi and teacher who specifically never sought political power. To compare him with a pestilential agitator who's 'job' was to wheedle the government out of tax dollars for dubious 'programs' is not only blasphemous but factually incorrect.

As for Pontius Pilate,his actual job was PROCURATOR of Judea,NOT `governor'. A procurator was an official APPOINTED ( not elected,i.e Governor Palin) to administrate a conquered occupied territory by the Roman empire.

I suppose this little catchline was supposed to show how 'spiritual' the Donkeys are....but what it reveals is how empty of spirituality they truly are and how little respect for the religious they actually have.

Not to mention how little respect they have for the truth in general.

hat tip to Greg at Rhymes With Right for the inspiration and some of the links.


Anonymous said...

There is one heck of a difference in being a SON of GOD who fought corruption and chaso and an arrogant pile of sewage pretending to be a man of GOD, but who is in reality, a son of SATAN.

Anonymous said...

i'm really not sure where the dims are going with this tag line.
doesn't that mean their guy has to die?

Anonymous said...

Pilate ia another one who declared that an issue of morality was "above his pay-grade" when he "washed his hands" of it.