Wednesday, September 17, 2008

US Embassy Attacked In Yemen ; 16 Dead

The American Embassy in Sana, Yemen was subjected to a suicide attack this morning that left sixteen people dead.

It was a fairly sophicticated and well planned attack. The perpetrators, who've been identified as belonging to Islamic Jihad disguised themselves as Yemini army troops were traveling and in a car disguised as an army vehicle which is how they got through the checkpoints.

Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility after the attack and threatened further assaults on the Saudi, UAE an dBritishembassies in Sana.

Islamic Jihad, for those of you who don't know is an Iranian proxy and it's doubtful they would have cowboyed something like this on their own without orders. The planning and weaponry involved which included RPGs also make it likely that the attack had Iran's knowledge and consent.

The jihadi's car was detonated at the main gated entrance to the embassy compound . When Yemenite emergency and medical personnel responded to the intial explosion, they were targeted by sniper fire from adjoining roofs.All told, there were five explosions.

The dead included six Yemeni soldiers, four civilians, one of whom was Indian, and six attackers - one wearing an explosives belt who was killed before he had the chance to set it off.So far there haven't been any reports of American casualties.

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