Monday, September 08, 2008

Short Takes: Worth Noting, 9/8/08

Short takes is my semi-daily way of cramming a lot into a small space ..kind of like the young gentleman above is doing! Here's a rundown of some of today's items of interest for Joshua's Army:

*USATODAY POLL: McCAIN takes 10-point lead over Obama in likely voters...
ZOGBY: McCAIN-Palin up 4%... GALLUP: McCain's Bounce Gives Him 5-Point Lead...
I chose to group these latest polls stories together for a warn you not to give too much credence to them. Almost all of these polls are commisioned by the dinosaur media and they say want the media wants them to say.I'm almost certain that whatever the GOP bounce really is, it's being mostly undereported - and will be artificially lowered again as the campaign goes on to give the impression Obama is surging to victory. I know this because that's exactly what happened in 2004,when people like Zogby predicted a Kerry landslide. Don't be either overconfident or disheartened by whatever the polls say...just work for victory.

Another thing to be wary of as the election goes down is early projected 'calls' of states and artificially inflated exit polls for Obama by the networks, designed to minimize GOP turnout. That, as we know happened before in 2000 and in 2004. Tune them out and go vote.

*Clinton limits Palin criticism while campaigning... Ah, there's trouble in the land of party unity...but I least I can give Hillary Clinton credit for more brains than Barack Obama and his surrogates.

*Venezuela to host Russia navy exercise...My,they're getting bold, aren't they? The Russians plan to send a small fleet and over a thousand soldiers to the Western Hemisphere to participate in 'joint military exercises' with the forces of Hollywood's favorite Latin dictator, Hugo Chavez.
The Russians also plan to base anti-submarine aircraft out of Venezuela.

*Ahmadinejad's New Enemy: Women - Amir Taheri reports on how the Iranian regime is working to eleiminate what's left of women's rights in the country and targeting feminists trying to stop the process.

*Tammy Bruce makes The feminist’s argument for Sarah Palin.

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Anonymous said...

Russia's buildup of Venezuela and the military excersizes now being done are way beyond any of the assistance that the US or NATO has done to assist any of the former Soviet Repbulics.

I think they are getting bold becuase they calculate that they can defeat the United States in a war right now and unfortunately I think they calculate correctly. Furthermore the United States does not want this confrontation right now.

The US has no plans to attack Venezuela or to change its government. This would jepordize a major supply of oil for the US. Right now the US needs this supply far more than Venezuela needs to supply it. The only logical purpose for these anti submarine air craft would be if Russia, perhaps including Venezuela and Iran are planning to launch a military attack on the United States. Those media types and government beuracrats who are working to prevent a military strike by the US or Israel on Iran are working to prevent the wrong thing. What they need to be working for is preventing Iran from its planned military strike on the United States.

Russia along with its allies which include Iran are planning a military assault on the United States. This build up of anti submarine air craft provide further evidence of this.

Will government officials do something about this or are too many of them infected by the disease of anti-Americanism? I pray we do something about this before it is too late.