Monday, September 08, 2008

U Of Chicago Tipped Off Obama-Ayers Ally On Annenberg Records Release

There's obviously a lot more to the relationship between Barack Hussein Obama and ex-Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers than "just a guy I know who lives in my neighborhood."

You'll recall that I 've already discussed how Obama sought out to ingratiate himself with Ayers, a member of a politically well connected Chicago family, how Obama launched his political career from the living room of Ayer's home, and their close work together on the ultra Left Annenberg Challenge,and on the Chicago School Reform Collaborative, two 'programs' that resulted in what amounted to a ripoff of millions of dollars from Chicago taxpayers under the guise of reforming the school system.

When award winning jounalist and scholar Stanley Kurz made a Fredom of Information Act request to get access to the archives of the Annenberg Challenge from the University of Chicago where they're kept, he was suddenly denied access to the records after initially being granted permission and given an index...until the controversy over the University denying a perfectly legitimate FOIA request compelled them to open up the records again to Kurz after delay of almost a week.

At the time, I surmised that the delay was to probably allow the parties concerned to get rid of anything inconvenient....and it turns out that was exactly the case:

The President of the University of Illinois, B. Joseph White, and the University Counsel of the University of Illinois, Thomas Bearrows, contacted Kenneth C. Rolling, the former Executive Director of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) and a professional colleague of Barack Obama for many years, prior to the release of CAC records to the public late last month and offered Rolling an opportunity to recommend to the University which records of the CAC held at the University's Chicago campus (UIC) should be restricted from public access.

It's obvious. Obama and Ayers were tipped off.

There's lots more to this coverup story, which I recommend you read in full. If there was anything remotely like this in John McCain's background, there would be page one screaming headlines in every dinosaur media outlet in America.Since it's Obama, you'll hear nothing about it from them.

Obviously, there's a lot about his relationship will Bill Ayers Elmer-Gantry-with-a-tan doesn't want us to know about. Why? What's he hiding?


Anonymous said...

Patented libraser removes what little record you have from the mind of the MSM.

LL poses a pedantic question:

what need is there for a libraser when the MSM, choosing on their own, ignore facts?

what need is there for a libraser when the general public, choosing on their own, ignore facts?

this has been a pedantic question from LL.
ok, so its two.

Anonymous said...

There are several places in this posting that reference the "University of Chicago" as where the records are kept.

I do believe it should be the "University of Illinois at Chicago" which appears to be a completely different institution.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello Anonymous...just fo rclarification, the records are indeed kept at the Richard Daley Library, University of Illinois at Chicago.

I mentioned this in a previous piece, but chose to shorthand it for this one.

Thanks for the correction.