Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Obama's Connection With The Nation Of Islam

Barack Hussein Obama has a long standing connection with the Nation Of Islam, with American Islamists and with the Saudis. That alone ought to disqualify him in most American's minds for the presidency.

The pieces fit together in an interesting way.

The story starts back in 1988, when Barack Obama had first applied to Harvard.

In the above interview, which just surfaced recently we see Percy Sutton reminiscing with host host Dominic Carter on NY1's 'Inside City Hall' about the Obama candidacy and his relationship with Barack Obama. Sutton was one of New York State's most powerful and influential black politicians in his day and was Borough president for twelve years, as well as being Malcolm X's attorney.

That friend, knowing Sutton had connections at Harvard, asked Sutton to write a letter in support of Obama's application to Harvard law school.

"The friend's name is Dr. Khalid al-Mansour, from Texas," Sutton said. "He is the principal adviser to one of the world's richest men. He told me about Obama."

Sutton wrote the letter, and likely followed up with a few phonecalls.

Sutton, by the way is a former business partner of Mansour, of whom we'll hear more shortly. And the billionaire Sutton is talking about? None other than our old friend Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.

Al-Waleed, some of you might recall, is one of the prime movers behind the Wahabi takeover of America's mosques and madrassahs through his funding of the Islamic Society Of North America(ISNA), was a major funder of the Al Qaeda charity al-Haramain and was the Saudi prince who's $10 million dollar donation to New York City after 9/11 was spurned by then mayor Rudy Giuliani after after the prince made a public comment suggesting that the U.S. relationship with Israel were responsible for the attack.

He also has donated millions to establishing Saudi controlled Middle East Studies departments - including at Harvard, where he ponied up a mere $20 million.

Did the backing of Sutton, al-Mansour and a major donor like the Saudi Prince have anything to do with Obama being selected as editor of the Law review, even though he never contributed a single article? And did al-Mansour or Prince Al-Waleed have anything to do with an unknown law undergraduate suddenly getting a lucrative book deal that helped pay for his college education? Obama has stated that when he became president of the law review in 1990, `a few publishers started calling', even though he had never written anything for the Harvard Law review. Did these publishers find out through mental telepathy that Obama was an author?

And who is Khalid al-Mansour? He's a well connected Texas-born lawyer who used to be known as Don Warden back in Berkeley, when he was involved with the Black Panther movement. He originally comes from Texas and is primarily a black separatist, Islamist and anti-Semite, who's books include titles like "The Destruction of Western Civilization as Seen Through Islam" and "Will the West Rule Forever?" Here's a couple of samples of al-Mansour at work:

So...what did this radical Islamist and black separatist see in a young Barack Obama that he would seek to sponsor Obama's education and career? How did they meet? What else did Mansour do for him?

Here's another piece of the puzzle..Mansour also was good friends with academic fraud and plagiarist Edward Said, whom Obama knew during his two-year stint at Columbia University in the early 1980s, where Said taught comparative literature and where Obama was a student of his. Did Said flag Obama for Mansour?

We certainly won't find out from Obama. He refuses to talk about his relationship with Said.

Another interesting Mansour associate was Jabir Herbert Muhammed, the son of Nation Of Islam founder Elijah Muhammed, who just died this week and had NOI head Louis Farrakhan as the main speaker at his funeral. And - surprise- it turns out that Herbert Muhammed had a close business relationship with none other than Syrian-born convicted felon Tony Rezco, Obama's chief fundraiser and shill in Chicago. Muhammed made Rezco general manager of his company, Crucial Concessions, in 1983, and later created the Muhammad Ali Foundation to spread Islam and appointed Rezko executive director.

And as you might also recall, Obama's spiritual mentor Jeremiah Wright was formerly a member of the Nation of islam, Trinity Church and Wright had cordial relations with Louis Farrakhan and the NOI and Barack Obama took part in the so-called Million Man March, an anti-Semitic orgy sponsored by the Nation of Islam that ought to raise a few questions for many of Obama's Jewish supporters.

Prince Al-Waleed, Khalid Al-Mansour, Edward Said, Herbert Muhammed, Tony Rezco..all connected to one another and all in one large circle surrounding Barack Hussein Obama.

Perhaps when the dinosaur media gets a moment off from sliming Sarah Palin, it might be nice if they saw fit to look into this.


Sabra said...

Surely you are not implying that with the right amount of $$$ ANYTHING can be bought. /sarc off

Yes, it is too bad that the MSM is too busy sliming Sarah to give the American people real news supported by real facts.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Sabra,
In a way, this migh tvery well backfire. According to Rasmussen, the majority of the American people not only think the dinosaur media is in the tank up to its ears for the Left but are actually trying to help Obama get elected.

As more of this stuff comes out, people will turn more and more to the new media...and I can hear the cash register going ka-ching for the blogosphere as its audience increases even as I write this!

All Good Things,

Sabra said...

I would so like to think you are right, FF, about "as more of this stuff comes out, people will turn more and more to the new media..." Unfortunately, there is still that great percentage that gets their news from sound bites, i.e., "Bush lied. People died." And they are the ones reading US [whatever the magazine was that just featured Sarah with the misleading headline - same one that featured Barry and his luvly wife and their two offspring]. They are not the ones scouring the web for real news and stories [by the way - your putting this together in this circle was the FIRST I'd ever seen it! Kudos!!!]. They are, instead, the ones scouring the web for their daily horoscope or for news on Brad Pitt getting back with Jen. They aren't reading your site, or Weasel Zippers or Ace of Spades or Atlas Shrugs. They have never heard of Augean Stables' blog and don't know who Ezra Levant is.

True story: In my old life, when I had a job and spent 50-60 hours a week at the office, I had a secretary. When I quit working for that firm, she and I remained friends. I saw her when we were in the States in August of 2007. She is exactly the type I described above - reads People and US for "news" [if you can call such "fluff" news] - and catches sound bites of MSM news between shows like American Idol and Lost. She believed, in her heart, that she had to vote for Hillary because she was a woman and that it was time for a woman POTUS - for NO other concrete or sane reason but that! She had completely swallowed the "Bush is bad" line and was washing [gulping!] it down with Koolaid. I've not seen her since then - but I would be willing to bet our savings account that now, as Hillary is out, she is going to vote for BO because he is a black man - and it is time. [This woman, who is white, happens to be married to a black man. But I don't think that that would be a reason for her to vote for BO.]

Personally, I think she - and many, many others - just like her - should stay home and sit it out - but they won't. They believe they will be doing their duty, voting, for no reason other than they've swallowed - hook, line and sinker - all that has been said about GWB and how BO is the only savior... She won't vote for McCain even though he has a "woman" on his ticket - and that was her original reason for wanting Hillary.

Your post should be FRONT PAGE news, in my humble opinion, but it won't be. Even if others did connect the dots and make the circle as you so perfectly did, $$$, specifically Al-Waleed's, is going to make sure that this does not become news, even news that is buried in Section F on page 26 in the far left corner...

Atlas had a great post on voter fraud yesterday. Did you see it?

Our votes won't even be tabulated... Overseas votes... And, I am thrilled to state that our little community - us ex-pats, not the locals - is very, very heavily right leaning! Putting a McCain/Palin '08 sign on my front yard would be a very, very bad thing to do here - with so many "locals" on our compound - but there are many of us here, who, if we could get away with it, would do it!

Anonymous said...

I read he was voted as editor-in-chief of Harvard Law Review. That is a very prestigious post, at least in academia, and it's not surprising he got a book contract out of it.

The real question here is the connection between Al-Mansour and Obama. Apparently that connection resulted in Obama getting admitted into Harvard. What we need to know is how Al-Mansour and Obama met. It's obviously something Obama doesn't want us to know, or he would have told everyone about it, since he talks about himself constantly.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Anonymous 10:12,
Yes, he was elected to be editor of the Review, but that's curious in itself. As I mentioned, Obama has never written anything for the Review, and if you research it you'll find that he's unique in that regard - the prior editors of the Review have always had a history of writing for the publication.

Likewise the book contract. Not every editor of the Harvard Law Review has gotten one, and I find it especially curious that publishers would be 'calling up'someone with no track record as an author out of the blue and offering him a book deal.

Given Prince AL-Waleed's extensive connections in American business and politics, I suspect this was a way of funneling money to Obama without leaving a paper trail to pay off his school costs.

Remember Obama's Bitter Half commenting on how they had student loans to pay off until the book deal came through? What's more, given how inarticulate Obama has been in non-scripted moments, I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out there was a ghost writer involved.

This is all speculation, but I think it's fairly plausible.

As to how Obama and al-Mansour met, again, I think it's plausible that al-Mansour was tipped off by Edward Said, who recognized in Obama a promising ideological 'front man.'

Like Obama's ties to Bill Ayers, Obama's connections with the Saudis and the NOI is something the dinosaur media refuses to investigate.

All Best,

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Sabra,
Here's my take on it. If you live in a democracy, at some point you have to trust your fellow citizens to do the right thing, or there's no point to it..and I think you would know that better than most of us, living in very opposite circumstances.

There are plenty of waterheads and peabrains that vote, sure...but in the long run, I guess I trust my fellow Americans. That's no excuse for complacency, BTW...but it is important from the standpoint of optimism.

I didn't see Atlas' site today, but I agree that voter fraud is the wild card that could tip things, and it needs to be carefully watched, particularly with these people. Obama, in his days as a community organizer worked a great deal with a left wing group called ACORN, who've been busted numerous times for voter fraud but are still allowed to exist legally for some odd reason.

And the entire Obama campaign hails from Chicago and is part of the crooked Daley machine. They will vote every illegal alien, convicted felon, homeless person and corpse they can find or buy.

Which is why it's important for us all to vote and do what we can. Even as an expatriate, you can get an absentee ballot through your consulate or your local congressman's office. Do it early, because there are filing and postmark deadlines, OK?

Stay cool, M'dear...

All Best,

ps: Thanks for the kind words..glad you liked this one.

Always On Watch said...

Obama sure does have a lot of Moslem friends.

He's also married to a black separationist.

And, yes, a man's character is known by the company he keeps.

Anonymous said...

OB kept his middle name.. more so in his college days. His friends in CA were from Pakistan. His friends in NY were muslims. He marched in Nation of Islam March to DC (Million men March) to this day his hair cut is smybolic African American Black Muslim. Recently he talked about Churches, Jewish Synygouges and mosques doing good work.. how many mosques do we have in this country..until 9/11 we did not even talked about Islam to much. Why the American People don't understand ... he is bogus. CHL