Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Annie Lennox: 'I'm Not Anti-Israel!"

Uh huh. Ri-ight.

You'll recall I ran a story featuring a vid of has-been singer Annie Lennox with Sky News making an absolute idiot of herself over Israel in an interview, done right before Lennox led a violent pro-Hamas demonstration in Londonistan against the Israeli embassy, in the company of George Galloway, ken Livingstone, and a host of other anti-Semites.

Apparently she belatedly realized that a number of her few remaining fans took offense at her behavior and tried to do some damage control at her FaceBook site:

Lennox's comment, entitled "Annie's Second Official Statement regarding the Situation in Gaza," said, "I am not anti-Israeli nor have I ever been, and for anyone to say that I am is profoundly offensive and completely wrong.

"The reason why I spoke out when I did was because at that point in time there was a tiny window of opportunity to prevent a blood bath on both sides before the ground troops went in," she wrote. "I have never condoned suicide bombings, or the firing of missiles into Israel. I repeat... The slaughter of innocent lives on both sides is abhorrent." Lennox's second comment came in the wake of a number of angry postings on her facebook site, one saying she picked a fine way to make a "fading career relevant.

Another posting on Lennox's facebook site read, "Where were you all this time as Israel has been bombarded by missiles over and over again. A continuous rain of attacks, we have lived in a constant state of alert, living in fear. We waited and waited and did nothing and now when we finally - finally - take a stand to defend ourselves are we treated like a terrorist nation. Unfortunately you were clearly oblivious to these events all this time. You have proven your ignorance and are standing on your soapbox without your facts."

No facts maybe, but Lennox has her motivations all right. This Hamas-loving skank has her very first 'greatest hits' compilation CD coming out this March, so the record company probably told her to try to do some damage control.

I'll say one thing for Hamas...repugnant though they are, they stick to their principles. Lennox doesn't even have that much going for her.


Anonymous said...

This is a disgraceful post. You have no right whatsoever to call people who oppose Israel's illegal actions "anti-semites". Many Jewish individuals and organisations are just as appalled by Israel's behaviour. There is a huge difference between Judaism and Zionism and to equate the two is astonishing ignorance.

Freedom Fighter said...

Dear Anonymous 7:37,
Thank you for your thoughts.

First of all, I have every right to call this as I see it. I realize that Britain has seen a severe erosion of free speech lately, But that has not extended itself to the US - not yet, anyway.

You, on the other hand, have absolutely no moral or legal grounds to refer to Israel's defending itself and its citizens as 'illegal.'

To state that this is so is to create special rules for the single Jewish State on the planet that apply to no other country, which in itself is a defacto admission of your own racism.

The same argument can be used to describe your not-so-deft attempt to create an imagined distance between Judaisim and Zionism - because you are effectively attempting to deny the Jews the right to self-determination and a peaceful existence in their own country.

Obviously, you prefer the days when the Jews were at best a tolerated monority without a country of their own. A brief look at history tells us where that leads, and why Israel is a necessity - especially when there are people with the views of you and Ms. Lennox in abundance.

Lastly, I have a major problem with anyone from Britain weighing in on Israel's supposed moral shortcomings.

It was, after all, your country that was directly complicit in the death toll of the Holocaust by enacting the White Paper in 1939 that cut off all Jewish immigration to the Palestine Mandate and doomed thousands of desperate people.

And it was Britain who armed and officered the Arab armies after Israel's creation by the UN who expressly stated their goal to perpetrate a second Holcaust in 1948 to massacre the surviors...less than three years after Auschwitz was liberated.

What was that you had to say about 'illegal actions' again?

Thanks for dropping by.


Ymarsakar said...

There is a huge difference between Judaism and Zionism and to equate the two is astonishing ignorance.

I don't think your jihadist buddies care about distinguishing between the two when they blow up a school bus full of children.

Ymarsakar said...

Britain is legally allowing Muslim enclaves in the UK to practice Sharia. I believe their view of what is "illegal" now has been... modified, shall we say.

Ilan Miller said...

Good Morning.

I couldn't agree with you more Mr. Blogger. What right does Ms. Lennox have to open her mouth about Israel when she has until then said nothing of Jewish casualities and the 8000 odd rockets lobbed at them until now?

She, being this huge 'human rights' campaigner along with legends of politics like Ms. Jagger [?], Mr. Livingston and Mr Galloway [???] has until now not protested against Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe - during the begining parts of the Gaza Defence, more than 1500 Zimbabwians have died of cholera and thousands more due to starvation and direct violence - a result of Mr Mugabe's actions. She and her cohorts have said nothing. What of Turket boming the Kurds daily? still going on and no word from her or anyone? What of Russia's recent actions against Georgia? still nothing. The list continues. Why? Its simple... Ms. Lennox and her 'friends' around the world are not only anti-Israel, but are hugely anti-semetic. In history it has always been the Jews that have been made to suffer in silence. We will fight back and will not lie down and die. THEY SHOT FIRST!!! After Israel implored them to continue the cease fire. Now that we are giving them what they deserve, the world cries? Why not cry for Israel?

I never thought I'd ever say this but thank the Lord for the USA, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia - At least they identify the real problem in the Middle East. Wake up people, its NOT Israel, AL Queda or even Sadam when he was alive - Its Iran and its illegitimate children, Hamas and Hizbolla. That is why the intelligent masses are keeping quiet and supporting Israel.

Its just uninformed self important people like Annie Lennox and the like that think they are doing good. They are not and I have news for them - NO-ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK YOU MORONS - carry on singing and shut your mouth! All of your good work in HIV and AIDS will be for nothing if you keep making a fool of yourself. As it stands, you are not welcome in South Africa and your next visit will reflect that.

captain mission said...

excellent post although there's no need to call her a 'skank.'
the issue in europe is 'game over.'
obviously europe is lost now to the islamfascist ideals and good riddance to it. there's no point in even attempting to get the anti israel lobby to self reflect upon the situation, they couldn't give as stuff about israel. all they want is for the radicals to finish of the job hitler couldn't. they would be much happier if israel didn't fight back, like the good old days.

Anonymous said...

Oh what have YOU done with your life? What have YOU contributed to the community? How have YOU made a difference in people's lives? Annie Lennox has more integrity and decency in her little left toe than you have in your entire being. Blog all you like, but at the end of the day, you are a nothing. Comment moderation on your blog? So much for free speech eh?

Freedom Fighter said...

Considering that you know absolutely NOTHING about me, I find your remarks to be quite typical of much of the Left..all emotion and 'feelings' with no facts, logic or knowledge of what you're actually complaining about...just like Annie Lennox.

It's especially hilarious considering that, unlike me, you lack the guts to post your real name and e-mail.

Since I'm not out shilling for a bunch of genocidal murderers like Hamas, I think my integrity and decency(as you put it) compares quite favorably with a washed up pop singer seeking a few headlines to breathe some life into her career, and I certainly don't see embracing Jew hatred and Islamism as 'contributing to the community', although I realize that people like you may have very different ideas on the matter.

slapme10 said...


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stefan strzelecki said...

It is without doubt depressing to witness a pop singer with an over inflated ego deem her words and views as immortal or the spoken word of wisdom.
The Holocaust will never be forgotten by me. That's why negotiations with facist dictators who wish to proceed the persecution of Jewish people (not just Zionist) can never reach positive resolution.
The Trade Union Movement and political/left in the UK seem to agree with the nazi "protocols of zion" rhetoric being promoted by hamas/Iran.
Israel has every right to defend their citizens as a soverign state.I wish to see peace and a two state solution to the problems in the region.
We know the wider world felt appeasement was the correct road for peace when the nazi regime annexed Poland in WW2.
How do you negotiate with a facist dictatorship in Iran or Palestine today? These are not just the diificult challenges Israel have to face. Islamic facisim will impact on world peace over the next twenty years.Aspirational politics did nothing to prevent six million jewish people from being mudered . The views of Annie Lennox/political left are anti-semitic and the barometer to evaluate this lies with the millions of jewish people who feel greatly offended by her views.

Anonymous said...

Ad hominems aside (and there are many on this page), the poster on Lennox's FB page put it perfectly:

"Where were you all this time as Israel has been bombarded by missiles over and over again. A continuous rain of attacks, we have lived in a constant state of alert, living in fear. We waited and waited and did nothing and now when we finally - finally - take a stand to defend ourselves are we treated like a terrorist nation. Unfortunately you were clearly oblivious to these events all this time. You have proven your ignorance and are standing on your soapbox without your facts."

There is an undeniable double-standard. Bombs and rockets into Israel barely make the last pages of the "world section" of the NY Times and the "Int'l Herald Tribune" unless there are casualties en masse. On the other hand, Israeli counter-action often make the front pages of these papers.

Of course, any rockets or bombs exploding in a major populated area is terrorism of the most fearful kind. Can you imagine what it would be like if a bomb or rocket exploded in New York City or London or Paris or Tokyo or Milan or Berlin or Hong Kong or Sydney or any other big city of your choice? It would be HUGE. There would be immediate counter-actions and lock-downs. And the fear that would spread among the citizens would be hobbling.

Look at 7/7 and 9/11 and the wildly increased security and extensive international operations they inspired. People forget that Israelis live in this environment ALL THE TIME. For Israelis in the "rocket zone", when the mortars aren't falling, there is the fear that they could at any time. This is terrifying. And they certainly have the right to do something about it. Yes, it must be something reasonable and measured, but also something effective and realistic. A lot of these anti-Israel protesters are delusionary and/or ignorant of the on-the-ground reality.

marosy said...

I completely agree with Annie Lenox. The "chosen people" has perpetrated crimes against humanity in Gaza.
The Zionist state must comply with international laws and the UN resolutions 242 and 338.
The Zionist state must comply with the ICJ ruling about apartheid wall.

Anonymous said...

The jews pushed the muslims into europe you mullet fuck... Dont cry because now they make sharia law there. As for Annie Lennox, well, it's about time her eyes opened to the jewish agenda... Hopefully her eyes will open more. We need a world-wife awakening to the jewish 'agenda.'

Rob said...

Hah hah hah!

Who knew that Angela Merkel was Jewish? Or Tony Blair? Or the head of the Swedish government?

Actually, it is the Muslims who have an agenda, one clearly obvious to anyone who had actually read the Qur'an, as I have. And part of that agenda is jihad by hejira, immigration. Last time I checked, it wasn't Jews in Germany, the UK or Sweden who were raping women, running sex grooming rings for young girls or murdering the very people who gave them asylum in terrorist attacks.

In other words, the Muslims let into the EU are mostly behaving like conquerors, not residents looking to be part of a peaceful society. And that's in the Qur'an too. Thankfully, there are Muslims who only follow the Mecca Qur'an rather than the jihadist
Medina Qur'an, Suras 6 through nine.