Thursday, January 29, 2009

Brit Parliament Caves Under Muslim Jihad Threat

This is incredible, even for the likes of Britain

As regular members of Joshua's Army know, Dutch MP Geert Wilders is facing death threats and actual prosecution in the Netherlands over his documentary , Fitna. A member of the House of Lords invited Wilders to a private meeting in London and intended to invite her colleagues in the Lords to meet Wilders there and see a screening of Fitna, followed by discussion, questions and debate, the way things normally go in a free society.

But what happened instead is that Lord Ahmad, the Labour-appointed Peer pictured above found out about the invitation to Wilders. He then actually threatened to 'mobilize 10,000 Muslims' in the streets to prevent Wilders from entering London and threatened to sue the Peer who was organizing the event.

Wilders was subsequently disinvited and the showing of Fitna was cancelled. The Pakistani Press was jubliant, and Lord Ahmed praised Allah for delivering ‘a victory for the Muslim community’.

It certainly was a victory for the sort of people who want to turn Britain froma free society into one governed by Islamist bigotry and sharia law.

This is the same Lord Ahmed who who hosted a book launch in the House of Lords for a neo-Nazi holocaust denier in 2005 and who tried to deny author Salman Rushdie police protection after Rushdie became the object of a death sentence fatwa by the Iranian mullahs. That's who's sitting in Britain's House of Lords.

Britain has become a country where riot police take to their heels when pursued by mobs shouting 'Allahu Akbar', a place where sharia law has the same standing in domestic cases as British common law, and whole enclaves exist as no go areas for non-Muslims for the police unless they go in heavily armed bands.

And they apparently are willing to give up the liberty their ancestors fought for with hardly a whimper. I can't even imagine that state of mind.


Anonymous said...

The West is suicidal.

Anonymous said...

"I can't even imagine that state of mind." I can. It's not materially different from the state of mind that currently exists in America. Annonymous seems to be correct. The West is suicidal. At least it is currently.

The threats posed to the United States and Western Civilization by countries like Iran and other Islamic terror supporting states and the terrorists they support is far greater than the threat posed by Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan ever was or likely ever could have been. It will take a military mobilization simillar to the effort made during WWII to defeat this enemy.

The United States is shackled by massive national debt and a struggling economy. It's military despartely needs to be upgraded in order to compete with the major powers of the early 21st century. Unfortunately with the struggling economy and the massive national debt these necessary military upgrades may not be possible. As it stnads right now, the United States is all but finished as a major world power.

Perhaps on some level the Obama Administration understands which may be why we are seeing the current overtures to Iran. These overtures will likely come up bankrupt by the way.

Due to the above factors the United States is probably not in a position to lead the fight against Islamic terrorism and the nations who support them. The Western Europeans are in a far better position financially than the Americans are. Perhaps one of these nations will step up to the plate and take the lead. Perhaps it may be someone we never even thought about who takes the lead to to defeat Islamic terrorism and its allies.

Anonymous said...

The rapidity of the collapse in personal safety in the European cities is what startles me. Several years ago, I was on the coast & met some old friends from Europe whom I hadn't seen in at least a dozen years. I got to talking with 1 at great length re both London & Amsterdam & some other cities I had once known well, & she mentioned, en passant, a neighbourhood in one of the cities I had once lived in a long time ago. 'Did you know I once lived there?', I said. She looked startled, 'It must have been a long time ago!', she replied. 'Ah, the crime has got even worse, ay? Even then, I couldn't go out at night. Unless it was to run to the nearest ...' But she cut me off quickly, 'No, no, you don't understand. You're thinking about a different time. You haven't seen what's's the Moslems...' She then told me re the complete Moslemification of an area I once knew & how no-one other than Moslems & very well equipped police entered the area at present, day or night. I was suddenly reminded re how some of Boston's neighbourhoods had metamorphosed dramatically & got the idea. Time is running out, people! Wake up!

Ymarsakar said...

As it stnads right now, the United States is all but finished as a major world power.

That is, of course, completely wrong. What data points are you using for this erroneous assessment of geo-political power balances?

The Western Europeans are in a far better position financially than the Americans are. Perhaps one of these nations will step up to the plate and take the lead.

Now that is funny. Western Europe is in worse shape than America is.

Ymarsakar said...

Btw, Joshua, it is times like these that I get to thinking that Prince Harry really should go home from Afghanistan one of these days and just completely restore the British monarchy to the way it was originally.

It certainly can't be worse than what is going on right now in Britain on a political level. Bring back the aristocrats or don't bring back the aristocrats, is no longer a choice for the British. Now their only choice is whether their aristocratic lords and masters will be called "Ahmand" or "Windsor".

It'd be ridiculously funny if David Weber's Star Kingdom of Manticore actually was more accurate a model of Britain than the vice a versa. Likely won't happen, but damn it'd be interesting.

Freedom Fighter said...

Full marks, Ymarsakar!

Without the US protecting Western Europe, Russia would already be blackmailing them even more than it does now...that is, if the Arabs didn't get there first.

Most of Western Europe, aside from abysmally high taxes that stifle entrepeneurs has labor policies that have lead to double digit unemployment.


Freedom Fighter said...

Interesting comment on the Monarchy, Ymarsakar..I've long felt that the reason Queen Elizabeth has hung on as long as she has is to keep Prince Chuckie from taking over as defender of the faiths..

I'm not sure if Harry could overthrow tradition enough to sack Chuckie,nor am I familiar with the Star of Manticore, but there's certainly interesting times ahead in Britain.

As an afterthought, it occurs to me that the last time the Brits went after the Jews in the thirties and forties, they lost their empire.

This time, it may be their country...

Regards as always,

Anonymous said...

The Star Kingdom of Manticore is a colony founded by a corporation sometime in a future universe where mankind has colonized the stars. It exists in the universe David Weber created, the Honorverse.

It was written in the 80s-90s (estimate) and wasn't intended as a political commentary on any particular thing. It was actually written, at least this was the accomplishment Weber was most proud of, to portray the US military as they truly are and as they truly should be: the ideal with the reality. Some small cliques in the Navy, seemingly more officers than enlisted, use it various things. Some of it was used in Annapolis by some instructors as a tool for teaching how officers should behave and what the responsibilities of an officer is.

But even though it wasn't meant to be a commentary or an analysis of current political trends, that is exactly what it turned out to be. You can read the first books in the series at's free library. On Basilisk Station.

High Ridge's Opposition to the Kingdom's war was exactly what the Dems did in the Iraq war. You couldn't intentionally write such a comparison without going over the line. But Weber had created a universe populated with people and issues that ended up mirroring what we have seen today. That takes skill, skill and a solid philosophical foundation that is just as true for the real world as for any fictional world built right.

Weber likes modeling his good guy governments after the British' Parliament and Constitutional Monarchy. Except he made the ruling House into something like Leonidas and the 300. Meaning, these are warrior scions of a warrior House, not just armchair generals.

Most of Western Europe, aside from abysmally high taxes that stifle entrepeneurs has labor policies that have lead to double digit unemployment.

Not to mention the endless "youth" riots in France. Although Sarkozy seems to have kept a lid on them recently, for now. But Muslim enclaves are still around in Paris and France and we have to ask ourselves, "which part of Western Europe is actually Western Europe and which is part of the Moors?"