Monday, January 05, 2009

Season Of The Witch

Lately, my inbox has seen a number of shocked, surprised and even somewhat fearful e-mails from Jews who I'd classify as being on the Left of the spectrum.

What has them agitated are the widespread, well organized and borderline violent pro-Hamas rallies across America.

Like the one above in San Francisco.

Or this one in Fort Lauderdale, of all places:

Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Minneapolis, Detroit, Houston... And that's without even mentioning what's going on in Londonistan, where the police have given up even the pretense of controlling things:

Or Brussels or Paris...or on a college campus near you.

What is raising these people's stress levels is the way they've noticed for the first time that a number of their soulmates on the Left have made common cause with the Islamists and are reveling in no-holds-barred Jew hatred. They're not even bothering to disguise it any more.

If you look closely at the videos. you notice that a number of the signs and participants come from groups like International ANSWER, The Socialist Worker's Party and CODE PINK . These people are by no means all 'Palestinians' or even Muslims.

I'll confess to a little bit of grim amusement at the tone of some of the messages I'm getting. The liberal Jews who's plaintive messages are hitting my in-box are astounded that the same folks who they stood shoulder to shoulder with to protest the Iraq War and Chimpy McHitler Bush are not the good friends they thought they were...and that those evil Evangelicals and right wing nut jobs are not the people they thought they were either.

Even more pitiful are the wounded feelings of a number of Jews on the Left who specialized in spending enormous amounts of time and money putting together outreach events and 'dialogue opportunities' with folks like the Muslim Public Affairs Council, The Muslim Student Union, CAIR and various Palestinian groups and now see them out in the streets howling for Jewish blood. One of them, a rather well known member of the Jewish Federation in Los Angeles and a die hard supporter of Peace Now, Oslo and getting rid of those horrible 'settlers' in Judea and Samaria sadly related to me how she called one of her pals in the MPAC to see about a joint statement condemning the violence on both sides and got the phone slammed down on her without so much as a single encouraging word, poor dear.

That's how it is in the season of the witch..the colors fade to where you can't recognize them anymore, the dogs howl in the distance and your preconceptions shatter.

Unfortunately,there's a message for the rest of us as well in how completely in step the Islamists and the Angry Left are. And by no means should you be under the misconception that this alliance only pertains to Israel. Or that this is as bad as it's going to get.

We could very well be headed for a whole slew of street theatre, and worse. When the end justifies the means, as it does with these people, the sky's the limit.

And the enemy is already inside the gates.

'How much can you take brother, before your love will crack?'


Christian Atheist said...

This would be funny if it weren't so tragic. All I can think of is the times my parents would tell me,
" You think those people are your friends, but they're not!"
They were right then, we're right now. Unfortunately, like my younger self, one almost never sees the truth until very late indeed.

Anonymous said...

And you can now add New York to your list of cities with violent pro-Hamas rallies.

Ymarsakar said...

Violent pro-Hamas rallies? This is like different from the violent anti-war rallies or the violent Global Warming rallies or the violent anti-life rallies?

The Left specializes in breaking things and blowing the work of good men and women up in smoke and fire. That has always been what Left were good for. The Soviets knew that well, when they were still around.

It is things like this, Rob, that motivated me to train in such things as Target Focus Training.

Ymarsakar said...

Oh yeah, the Jews? There is a reason why they are the Chosen People. I suspect God chose the Jews as a lesson unto the rest of us of both what to do and what not to do.

Do: get working and fixing problems.

Don't do: appeasing your enemies.

The Jacksonian wing of America, the War Party of America, had to come in and save the Jews in WWII. But before that, they either had no help or they had to help themselves. Few entities would shelter the Jews for long.

When the real America shows itself and fights a war to end that war, that war is ended and all the myriad branches of potential threats in the future culled and exterminated.

This is why Russia is resurging but Germany has been castrated and Japan is still a strong strategic ally.

The Jewish love of Communism and the intellectuals of Europe paid them no dividends under Hitler. The Jewish fight against Hitler paid them no dividends with the Communists when it came time to ban religion and destroy the artifacts and confiscate the property of the "rich Jewish bankers".

Only total victory from total war ever provides security to a people in the long term. It also provides the highest single incident chance of seeing your entire nation, species, or ethnicity wiped out, but that's what you have to risk for long term bennies.

The Jews, on the other, constantly face being wiped out and they constantly are on the run and the are constantly seeking to redress grievances. They do not have the attitude of Total War and they do not have the ruthlessness it takes to complete such a project. Even when it has been shoved unto their laps, they still don't have the temper, that tiny bit of trace material to provide the metal the requisite hardness.

They are Chosen because no other people could do as they have done, what they continue to do, without being wiped out from the face of existence.

Ymarsakar said...

This assault on this photographer was an assault on free-speech. We need to demand our First Amendment rights be protected for everyone without qualification. Otherwise...what what happened in's not good, boys and girls.... Not good at all.

So... Are you mad as hell yet? should be...

As Jacksonians knew from day 1, the First Amendment only exists because of the 2nd Amendment.

The fact that you "need" the police to do something like protect yourself is why you don't have any rights. The government has the rights and they lease it to you. This time they didn't allow you the privilege.

If you want "rights", you had better enforce them yourself, with your own mind and body.