Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Michelle Obama's $300K "Job" at Hospital Obama Got Earmarks for Eliminated

You might remember this one...

After Barack Obama became an Illinois state legislator, his wife moved up as well, scoring a job as 'vice president of community relations' at the University Of Chicago Hospital for a very generous salary of $121,910. When Obama became a senator in 2005, her 'salary' leapfrogged to $$316,962 for the same job...and one of Senator Obama's first acts in office was to see to it that the hospital received over a million dollars of your tax dollars as an earmark.

Well, Michelle has moved on,and guess what...that vital job of hers,worth a salary of over $300 K has been quietly eliminated.

It's the Chicago Way, cushy no-show jobs in exchange for political patronage...fist bump.

Of course, she had to work twice as hard to get half as far. She said so, so it must be true.

But I wonder, is this so very different that what Rod Blagojevich was popped for? Except that Blagojevich got caught and embarrassed everybody?


Sabra said...

Michelle's job was SOOO important that it has been eliminated. Obviously you are failing to understand that ONLY the wife of a man who rides a Unicorn that poops out Skittles could possibly do whatever was necessary in this most important position. May as well eliminate the job now that there are absolutely no other candidates who could even fathom filling those shoes [no pun intended] - it just can't be done.

Exactly, FF. "Blagojevich got caught and embarrassed everybody..."

Prof. Ray said...

....a socialist that apparently understands and appreciates the complex ways of capitalism. Do as I say not as I do.

Anonymous said...

First of all I want it to be clear that while I am praying for the Obamas to succeed these people were not my first choice to be the President and First Lady. I'm not defending them by any meants but I will point out what probably happened here.

With the economy struggling as it is tax revenues are down and the debt load of federal, state, and local governments is massive. Given this combination of factors, we will see many more government jobs being cut. One of the ways that jobs are cut is through attrition. As someone quits a job, the job is simply not refilled. The government simply cannot afford this position right now.

Granted Mrs. Obama's job appears to represent Government "fat." As Freedom Fighter points out this seems to have been a cushy no show job. These types of jobs will be the first to be cut. This is likely what we are seeing here. The job has been eliminated becuase it was vacated by the person who had it and the City/State cannot justify spending money it really doesn't have to refill it right now.

Unless this economic situation improves quickly, we will begin to see not only the Government "fat" cut out but very soon we wil be begin to see some "muscle" and "bone" cut out of the Government. This will manifest itself in a variety of ways. Citizens will see things like the response of times of Police, Fire, and EMS cut drastically. There will be deep cuts to the personnel who fill these positions. On the national level we should expect to see deep cuts to the military and intellegence services. Also, many social services will be on the chopping block as well. The grandiose ideas that many people have had who are coming into Governemnt positions had regarding social programs simply cannot happen right now.

Of course the economic situation may improve drastically in the coming months. This will mean the Government will have more money at its disposal. If this happens, Mrs. Obama's position can be filled by another political hack and we will not be seeing the deep cuts to Government services that I mentioned above.

Anonymous said...

The Chicago way of politics is eye opening. Michelle Obama has the nerve to complain that she had to "work twice as hard to get half as far"? The Obama's are dishonest, and will do whatever it takes to gain more power.Someone who earns over $300,000, should not be putting down the country that gave her this job. All of a sudden she is proud of her country for the first time? It's people like the Chicago politicians that bring shame on our country and that includes the Obamas.

Cleozen said...

Ever wonder where Lila Kurtin went? Chicago and UC aren't the only ones that play politics.

Anonymous said...

Just another mythical piece of the Obama puzzle. I have been pleading to no avail for one legitimate (Investigative Reporter) to supply the real facts regarding The One's dissemination of the 50 Million Annenberg dollars as Directed by the venerable William Ayers into the Chicago Public School System. How was it spent. What was the criteria and results and if I was psychic ,where does the Chitown School System now rank(In Education not Homicides) relative to the rest of the country particularly since the Chicago Superintendant has been appointed as the Federal Secretary of Education. Go Follow!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding, B. Poster? She was only getting her "cut". They still had $700M to squander!!


Anonymous said...

if there was any real smoke here it would have been raised by mccain or hillary. nothing actually corrupt or wrong went down. michelle got hired as a quasi-lobbyist. her stated position: run "programs for community relations, neighborhood outreach, volunteer recruitment, staff diversity and minority contracting". sure sounds like someone hired to advance the hospitals interests. if her salary was already at $120,000 the hospital already considered her important before obama had any real power. is a bump from 100+ to 300+ really that outlandish?

and why would anyone have an issue with money getting put aside to invest into a hospital. thats a good thing

Freedom Fighter said...

I assume from your URL, Anonymous, that you're the ObamaBot troll with the Sarah Palin Obsession that's been soamming the board with your ridiculous assertions.

This one's so silly I decided to let it through, one last time.

A) There's plenty of 'smoke' here, as this is documented.Do you know how to read links? As for Hillary and McCain,you'd have to ask them why this wasn't an issue - although I think the media's refusal to vet obama had something to do with it.

B) She wasn't hired as a 'lobbyist'.Legally, they have to register. She was hired for a huge salary paid for by the taxpayers only when her husband became a state legislator with ill -defined duties that did not require her to show up on any regular basis. That salary was almost tripled when he became a US senator, for which the hospital received over a million taxpayer dollars. That's a backdoor way of bribing a legislator out of taxpayer funds in exchange for 'access' and it's illegal. Check out the ethics code for the US Senate or even, G-d help us, the State of Illinois sometime.

It doesn't matter whether the recipient was a hospital or Tony Rezco,IT'S STILL A BRIBE.

C)The proof of the fact that this was an out and out bribe is the fact that Michelle Obama was out on the campaign trail ( and still receiving her full salary) for more than a year, and this supposedly vital position was quietly eliminated when she moved to the White House.

Are you really that clueless?

The mafia does the same thing. They call it no show jobs, where mob guys get a paycheck in exchange for 'consideration' protection or no labor trouble but never actually 'work'.

I can't believe I have to actually spend time explaining something this elementary to someone who's unfortunately likely to be legally able to vote, drive a car and operate heavy machinery.

Anonymous said...

The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of everyone else's money. (Margaret Thatcher)
These public sector "cognoscenti" seem to have a learning disability. Everything is peachy till the private sector spigot dries up because of your unsustainable looney policies.

Anonymous said...

The Obamas' lives are secret gardens

Anonymous said...

As you look at Michelle's school and work history, two things become clear: she received what had through bullying/bribery/patronage; none of her 'accomplishments' involved actual work. Her senior thesis consisted of complaints about black graduates who assimilated into the greater society, instead of helping the 'hood.

She claimed that she grew up in a 'Middle Class' home, because her father only made $50,000 per year. In 1970. When the average income was $5,500 overall. Less for Blacks. Her father's patronage job (along with being a precinct captain) didn't pay as much as those given to White operatives. Of course, when a girl spends most after-school time at Jesse Jackson's house, she might end up believing she got the short end of the stick.

Your post is from over six years ago, but I love the way it shows the consistency of Michelle's attitudes and actions. She still complains about her life. Except when hosting terrorists or Communists in the White House. While wearing dresses worth more than the average Middle Class income.

Anonymous said...

Dumb ass,her job wasnt a goverment job! Just patronage influence buying. This woman couldn't read a legal breif!