Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Mayor Bloomberg Cuts CNN Hamas Shill to Pieces

Gotta love this...Hizzoner absolutely evicerates a CNN bubblehead in this video.

Hat tip, Robert@ Seraphic Secrets


Anonymous said...

Wow. He really just nailed it. All she could do what sputter out what was written on her cards and not even in response to his comments. She has no response because she knows he's correct. Great.

highlander said...

Superb! The Mayor made his case (and ours) in simple terms with vivid images. Even a liberal should be able to understand.

In addition to his comments on "proportional response", I would only add that this sort of response to aggression is not only silly but also the most inhumane.

Wars between powers with roughly equal military strength are by far the most bloody. The least bloody -- and therefore the most humane -- are those in which one side dominates and quickly overwhelms the other.

If a country decides to go to war, then it should do so with maximum resources to win and to win quickly. Otherwise it should not go to war.

Anonymous said...

Excellent !!!