Thursday, January 15, 2009

IDF Stomps Major Hamas Cockroaches

The crater above used to house the mansion of Said Siam, the Hamzas Interior Minister and a direct contact between the Hamas leadership in Gaza and the Hamas leadership in Damascus. He was also close to Iran and was one of the masterminds behind Hamas's violent takeover of the Gaza Strip back in June 2007.

He blowed up real good.

Salah Abu Shrakh, the head of the Hamas general security service, was also killed in the same strike, as was Mahmoud Watfa, one of the senior commanders of the Hamas military wing.

They also blowed up real good, making the world a much nicer place.

Bechatzlechah, IDF...and thank you.

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The Mindset said...

LOved the post.
Kill all of these jihadi cockroaches