Thursday, January 29, 2009

JoshuaPundit's Headlines, 1/29/09

All the links you need and nothing you don't...

Obama Signs First Piece of Legislation- it increases the amount of time allowed to sue an employer for discrimination...hardly surprising.

Senate banking chairman: Confiscate Wall St. bonuses - all power to the Soviet state!

GOP holds the line. It's a Dem Crap Sandwich: Malkin

My Bipartisan Stimulus - Rush Limbaugh, Wall Street Journal

Martin Feldstein / Washington Post: An $800 Billion Mistake - an economist's view.

dems: GOP Will Pay Price For Stimulus Vote

Protesters Tell Terrorist Ayers to "Go to Hell" At St. Mary's College... Gateway Pundit

Hot Air:The Age of Obama: Heat for me, but not for thee - Ed Morrisey

Judge Rejects Obama Bid to Stall Gitmo Trial- the judge in question was the head of a military tribunal who rejected the One's request to postpone proceedings againt one of the USS Cole bombers while Washington decides what it's doing here....

President Obama Made a Rash Decision on Gitmo - John Yoo, WSJ

Netanyahu: Iran nuclear threat outstrips economy - Israel's probable next prime minister voices a simple truth...the economic crisis wil eventually turn around, but nukes in the hands of the mullahs will last a lot longer.

UN seeks $613 million in urgent aid for Gaza - and not a penny for Israel's south, If you had any doubts the UN is an anti-semitic organization, this should put them to rest.

Ohio charity threatens lawsuit over exposé: - that would be the happy Muslim Brotherhood linked jihadis at Arab Student Aid International (ASAI). Saudi funded, of course.

Obama's Odd Muslim Outreach - Amir Taheri, New York Post

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