Friday, January 16, 2009

"Ha Ha...Your Media Is Dying!"

Dedicated to icons of the Dinosaur Media like the New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Los Angeles Times, The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The San Francico Chronicle, Time, Newsweak and a whole bunch of other biased, Leftist rags....

And I can't wait for the alphabet networks and CNN follow along the same path.


Anonymous said...

I find it disgusting that these bastions of integrity are dying off because people are choosing not to educate themselves. They are choosing to ignore the news, or worse only focusing on local news, and, thus, these media networks that strengthened truth, justice and honesty are dying.

I find it so hard to stomach when people come after the New York Times, CNN and other alleged liberal news entities, but fail to recognize how badly FOX News is biased toward ideals that keep women uneducated; (Hell, they endorsed Sarah Palin); keep children from seeing America as a melting pot; keep racial tensions alive and well; and, lastly, respect people for being stupid. There is a reason that the same people who watch NASCAR also watch FOX and vote for people like Bush. It isn't because they are patriots or because they are educated. In fact, it's because they think "status quo" should continue. America must change in order to stay relevant. There is a reason why so many European countries have disdain for Bush. If only they knew how bad the Crazy Christians and Anne Coulters of the world actually are.

Freedom Fighter said...

'Crazy Christians'...???

Ah,the love and tolerance.

The Judeo/Christian culture America was built on is exactly WHY this is such a special place. Th eFounding Fathers knew that, which is why they set up our institutions the way that they did.

( And BTW,if you're going to mention the mythical separation of Church and State at this point, please let me know EXACTLY where that phrase appears in our Constitution)

The fact that you consider the New York Times and CNN 'fair and balanced ' says a great deal about your political orientation,especially since even most of the dinosaur media are now admitting they were biased and partisan during the last election.

As for your remarks about FOX, you might want to check with Susan Estrich, hardly a Republican or a conservative about how fair FOX is and how her freedom to air her views has been treated compared to the so-called 'balanced media' she's worked at in the past.

Lastly,your remarks on Sarah Palin an dAnn Coulter reveal something about you..that you have a visceral hatred for women who stray off the Leftist reservation and accomplish.

I met Governor Palin in Alaska before she became a VP nominee. She's bright, articulate, has a knack for getting things done and a huge amount of common sense.

That's exactly why the media edited the interviews they did with her and attacked her and her family so relentlessly, why she resonated with so many ordinary Americans and why the eLeft fears her so much.

As for Ann Coulter, I doubt you've ever read one of her meticulously sourced books. While I don't agree with everything she says, she's spot on a good deal of the time, and if you were to ever consider opening your mind and reading what she has to say, you might actually learn something.


Anonymous said...

By using the term "Crazy Christians" I was referring to people who believe that the word of God AS THEY READ IT should be followed to the letter. I have a problem with any religious views that exist at the detriment of others. I have as many problems with the KKK, a group that prides itself on its "Christian ideals" as I do with Islamic fascism. I happen to be Catholic so it's not that I dislike Christianity. I just dislike the versions of it that often run ripe throughout America and typically in the southern states and the less-educated areas of the country.

Sarah Palin may be accomplished, as in she started out a beauty contestant and ended up running one of the most corrupt states in the nation. But, I don't think she is a great mind to lead our country, especially at a time when America's misguided impression of itself is what has hurt it the most in the world.

I have no problem with America being everyone's big brother and running to their rescue, but I do have a problem when we do it out of guilt, like with Israel. We feel bad that we knew about the Holocaust (you know, an atrocity that happened 60 years ago and gave the Jewish people something to wade is self-pity for another two thousand years), but that doesn't mean we should care if a nation that was created out of pity is at war with another people who are bound to the land after thousands of years of living there. It isn't like they are fighting over prime real estate either. I have never understood why people fight over land that cannot create enough food to feed them. But, then again, I try to leave "common sense" an attribute you give to Caribou Barbie, out of all things Middle East.

In reality, we care about the Middle East for one reason: oil and that's the only reason we care about Alaska. But, unlike Israel or the Middle East, we own Alaska so we have to attribute people like Palin as worthy players on the American screen. In fact, she and her backwoods husband are so far out of touch with global affairs that there is no place better for them than Alaska, or maybe the hollers of Kentucky.

I believe that our country was founded on Christian beliefs and it is one of the things I am most proud of, but I think people like Palin and Coulter present what they consider "the Bible's word" to fit their own needs.

And, another thing, I have no problem with women straying off the "leftish reservation" as you call it. I think more women should be heard, should work, should do something valuable. I think fewer women should stay home, raise children and remain uneducated. It's a lack of education that leads people to think Sarah Palin is articulate or bright. Anyone who can read can sound intelligent while scanning a TelePrompter, but when she is left to her own devices, i.e. her interview with Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson, she appears moronic, sophomorish and uneducated.

I also agree with you that many Americans identify with someone who looks like them, sounds like them and is "good-home, country-based" values as them. What's even better is that more Americans identified with intelligence, possessing uncommon, elite sense and not seeing the world as an "us against them" approach on Nov. 4, 2008.

For too long the world has viewed America and its people as xenophobic, overly indulgent, self-centered morons. I'm only hoping the next four years show the world that quality Americans are more interested in world politics than Joe Six-Pack is in his poker game or Caribou Barbie is about abortion.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello Anonymous 9:55,Welcome back.

As you've noticed, I don't run JoshuaPundit as an echo chamber ..but having said that, do you have even the remotest clue of how bigoted, close minded and elitest you sound? I'm hardly surprised that you find organs like the New York Times that cater to your fantasies to be 'intelligent and balanced'

Also, you are factually challenged in a number of areas,not least when it comes to the Middle East.

First of all, you weren't reading. I told you I MET Governor Palin and my impressions of her came from that meeting, long before she ran as VP. And guess what?There was no teleprompter in evidence. You might also want to check out NewsBusters to see the actual excerpts of some of the interviews you mentioned as opposed to what went on the screen for gullible people like you.

I understand that you have a deep contempt for places like Alaska,the South and other parts of what you undoubtedly think of as Flyover country. You might consider that a dispropotionate part of our volunteer military comes from these places, and keeps leftist bigots like you free in your cocoons to rant away.

As far as the Middle East and Israel goes, whether you realize it or not m'dear, you're simply an anti-Semite.It's no coincidence that you brought the Middle East and Israel into our discussion out of the blue..anti-Semites, like most monomaniacs ( look it up) almost always do, sooner or later.

I don't use that term lightly, and I frankly have no intention of changing your prejudices, but I mention it for the sake of clarity.

FYI, the US did very little if anything to support Israel at its begining aside from a grudging UN vote in 1948 by Truman.

That changed after the '67 war for very good reasons...because nations don't have allies out of 'guilt' but out of interests.

Israel,quite simply, is one of America's most valuable allies,and if you have any interest in finding out why , I suggest you do so here.

As for the other remarks about `another people who are bound to the land after thousands of years of living there', you've obviously bought the Palestinian narrative hook line and sinker. The fact that it has absolutely no factual basis is something else again, however.

I could write quite a bit on this comedy of errors, but in lieu of that, here are some suggestions, should you care.

For starters,history and background, you might want to read Joan Peter's prize winning book From Time Immemorial, and Emphriam Karsh's Empires In the Sand so you actually have an idea about what you're talking about.

And then ask yourself these questions:

1)The refugee problem ( about 400,000 Arabs and almost a million Jews ethnically cleansed from the Arab world) stemming from 1948 was caused by 7 well armed Arab nations attacking Israel with genocidal intentions and in violation of the UN charter they were signatories to. The Jewish refugees were almost all settled in Israel at Israel's why is it Israel's additional responsibility to deal with the problem of the Arab refugees stemming from a war Israel had no part in causing? Are the surrounding Arab nations short of land?

2)If the fight really is about land an d not a tribal war, than why does the entire Arab world demonize Israel?

3) if you'd like us to 'get out of the Middle East',shouldn't you be supporting politicians that want to drill here in the US an dpromote things like nuclear power - instead of things lik eethanol, that costs $1.30 to manufacture for each dollar's worth that's produced?

I realize that these are uncomfortable questions fo ryour minset, but I throw them out there in the spirit of helpfulness.


Anonymous said...

Ah, FF,

It appears as though my post about how disillusioned I was with Sarah Palin, so many Americans' belief in what a "real American is" and America's involvement in the Middle East forced someone to bust out their thesaurus. Monomaniac, eh? Aren't we erudite (look it up)?

I think that the link between Palin and Israel should have made perfect sense, just as the link to "Crazy Christians" and Israelites shouldn't be a difficult bridge for you to cross. Too often Americans who are obsessed with their religion see Israel as a beacon of light in the Middle East.

I get that Jews have suffered, but so have the Palestinians. For God's sake, Israel was called Palestine before it was "created" in 1948. I still don't quite understand how land is taken from one group and just given to another and called the "formation" of a country, but this is why I'm not a politician.

I do not understand why people chose to return to a place, as many Jews left Europe, America and Russia, to settle in a land where they knew they would be targets of hatred and violence. Intelligent people don't say, "I am going to be killed if I live here so let's pack up our families and move there. What a great idea." Intelligent people make do with what they have where they are. They improve their lives in ways that benefit them. How does the inhabitation of land that was not their's give them the right to say they should have their own country?

I will be the first to admit that I see things from the Palestinian point of view. I see where the majority of the people suffer because Hamas and Israel can't come to terms with being neighbors. The right of return should be permitted to Palestinians when lands they owned and lived upon were given to people who weren't the true land owners.

I am Roman Catholic. If a second Holocaust occurred where more Catholics were killed, as it's often forgotten that the "Jewish Holocaust" also led to the death of Catholics, would I and other Catholics have the right to say, "let us form a nation in the middle of Italy and force others out of the homes and properties they maintain there?" I don't think that the world would get behind Catholics on this matter. This is just one of the reasons why I disparage the idea that Israel has a "right" to claim lands that its people don't own.

Entities like the New York Times, CNN and FOX News each have an audience to whom they cater. The New York Times and CNN tend to direct the focus of their news stories to the more learned individuals in society. Those who know more and educate themselves, whether they start out in "Flyover Country," as you put it, or in the Vineyard enclaves, should be the people we choose to lead our country because they tend to see the role we play in the global world.

You mentioned in your response to my post that America isn't in Israel because of guilt. That most countries are there because of their interest and you have also mentioned in previous articles that the atrocities visited upon Western cultures were perfected in Israel by terrorists and extremists. But, weren't those atrocities unleashed upon Western culture because it chose to endorse its support for Israel?

If Western culture walked out on Israel, the majority of its losses would likely be in lost earnings from the sale of arms and ammunitions. It would also be disappointing to lose the intelligence data that Israel provides, but would America be at war with as many countries if we didn't back Israel time and again?

I don't care if you think I'm anti-Semitic. I think that you are anti-Arabic, which is just as bad. I think that for too long Americans have been fed the soup that Israel is our partner in defense or our partner in the Middle East when the reality of the matter is if Israel weren't constantly causing conflict and bringing houses, schools and mosques down on people with American-made weaponry, we wouldn't have half the conflicts with the Arab world that we do.

According to your rants on your site, Arabs are too focused on their religion to have a relationship with Israel. But, doesn't Israel's obsession with Judaism keep them from making inroads with the Palestinians?

I think you should check out the Merriam-Webster Dictionary on what they define as a Jewish individual. According to their definition it is: 1) a member of the tribe of Judah 2) Israelite
3) a member of a nation existing in Palestine from the sixth century B.C. to the first century A.D. 4) a person belonging to a continuation through descent or conversion of the ancient Jewish people 5) one whose religion is Judaism.

So, where did the Jewish religion start again? Oh, that's right in Palestine. Makes sense why the nation there is called Israel now doesn't it?

I will definitely look into reading the books you mentioned, as I'm not anti-education. I think it's important to know many things about as many things as possible. That's another thing that makes me different than your girlfriend Sarah.

In coming back to your statement on meeting Sarah, I am not sure that you understand what I was saying. She may be bright and articulate to you. She may have common sense and have a knack for getting things done in your opinion. But, in the world's view, the Sarah that was presented to us during the last election was none of these things.

She stumbled over what newspapers she read; she referred to parts of America as "real America" and the media ignored the fact that she said these to all white crowds in places of the nation where NASCAR and Wal-Mart are embraced rather than seen as threats to intelligence and class. Too many of the people at McCain and Palin's rallies truly believed that Barack Obama was bad because of his middle name or his family's relationship to Islam.

I want a president who sees the value in being respected as a world leader not seen as a arrogant, obsessed simpleton who just wants to kill people because they aren't Christian or Jewish.

You and I aren't going to agree because you believe that the world is perfect because of Israel. I believe that the world is perfect despite Israel. I think that in order to move forward, we must think like scholars and not think like hockey moms. I think that the best of America is what makes us geniuses, not what makes us PTA members. I would rather settle in for a good, thought-provoking book than read the TV Guide.

Just some things for you to think about, unless, of course, my observations have taxed your great mind too much already...


Freedom Fighter said...

Hello again, Anonymous.

You're totally correct, we have a totally different world view.

I admit that 'monomanic' was not the first term that came to mind in watching you make the jump from the death of the dinosaur media to Israel and the was more along the lines of 'whacked out Jew hater' , but monomaniac seemed not only to be a bit more polite but to emphasize to me th eessential irrationality of your positions...which remain all over the map and frankly self-contradictory.

I won't address further your nonsensical contention that some evil Jews from Europe came to Palestine and 'stole' Arab land, except to say that they had every right to go there or anywhere else withou tbeing subjected to murder and bigotry.

Ironically, aside from ignoring the continuous presence of Jews in Israel, you also ignore that according to the League of Nations mandate under which Britain received control of the area after WWI, they had every right to go there under international law.

As it is,the Arabs of Palestine received 80% of the mandate as a state of their own, going back to 1923 from the British. It's called Jordan, and believe it or not, according to Jordanian law the Arabs in Judea and Samaria (AKA the West Bank) remain Jordanian citizens!

As for me being anti-Arab, like your remarks on Sarah Palin's intelligence, or the intelligence of people at her rallies once again that's an assertion on your part without any facts to back it up.

If you check my blogroll on the site you will see a number of links to Arab and Muslim sites that share something with me - they're pro liberty and freedom an dagainst the jihad that has been launched against the West.

Amazing that someone who claims she likes the idea of woman being educated and getting out more would take the side of people that would restrict those rights severely, but then I've never accused you of logical consistency,have I?

Unfortunately, your mindset is very prevalent in Europe and in certain circles here in America,and summed up, it goes something like this:

" If we give them the Jews,everything will calm down and they'll leave us alone."

That's roughly equivalent to sawing your arm off an dthrowing it to a hungry school of sharks in hopes they'll let the rest of you make it to the boat alive.

That tactic has been tried before within recent history, but the passage of 70 odd years has apparently dimmed people's memories as to exactly how dismally it failed.

When you wish for Israel's demise,be careful what you wish for. Appeasement leads to more aggression, not peace.

Oh, and I have a confession to make.I normally pull the plug on these conversations a lot earlier,unless there are some 'swing votes' listening.

As such, I found your views quite illustrative of the type of mindset I mentioned and thus very instructive to the members of Joshua's Army.

And to return to our original topic, people are abandoning the dinosaur media not because they're becoming uneducted,but just the reverse - they've become educated and no longer trust the sort of bigoted swill organs like the New York Times and the alphabet networks have been dishing out for years.

You see, we do agree on is a good thing.

By the way, should you chose to reply to this,have the courage to actually put your name to it,if you don't mind.