Sunday, January 04, 2009

Harlem Prays For Israel

Over 1,000 people said a special prayer for Israel today led by Bishop Carlton Brown of the Bethel Gospel Assembly, who runs a network of 18 churches in New York .

Also attending was Israel's Consul General Assi Shariv,who addressed the congregation and read them a children's story written by kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Bishop Brown has been in Israel 3 times this year,including some time in the besieged town of Sderot,and is a true love of Zion. When the war came, he wanted to do something for Israel and invited Shariv to come.He also helped arrange for the event to be covered by all of New York's TV stations.

Thank you my brothers and sisters,with all my heart. At a time like this, when Israel is in danger and so much of the world has erupted in mindless hate for the Jews, nothing is more welcome or more powerful than your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Many of us non-Jews are praying for Israel : rest assured, you are not alone !

Anonymous said...

I am slightly amazed by your description of the Bishop having '18 chains' in his organisation. Did you mean 18 churches ? Churches are usefull places, chains are often just franchisees !!

Ivan the yid from Bradford West Yorks UK

Freedom Fighter said...

Whoopsie! Thanks Ivan

Anonymous said...

All real Christians should be praying for Israel. Only GOD the father has the authority to gather Jacob's descendents and return to them their given homeland, so all who hear his word will be looking toward Israel for the next phase of his plan for his chosen people.

In the name of Almighty GOD I pray for the lives and souls of all Israeli's during the tribulations they must face.

Anonymous said...

I join my prayers to these people for Israel and God's chosen people the Jews. I also, lift up these people in my prayers to all mighty God. In today's world, it takes tremendous courage to pray for and to Israel and the Jewsih people. With God's help may the Jews deliver a crushing blow to their enemies.

nanc said...

every blessing our family has is due to our prayers for israel.

genesis 12

psalms 122