Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hamas Breaks Ceasefire

That was quick..although in this case, I think it was just a parting shot to emphasize Hamas's 'victory:'

The IDF has received a green light to respond harshly to a bomb attack against a military patrol along the border with the Gaza Strip on Tuesday morning in which one soldier was killed and three others were wounded.

Defense officials would not provide details on the planned response, but said it would be in line with Israel's new policy to respond aggressively to any attack following the end of Operation Cast Lead earlier this month.

Early Tuesday morning, a Beduin tracker was killed and an officer was seriously wounded when a large bomb exploded next to their patrol along the border near the Kissufim Crossing. Two other soldiers were lightly wounded. The bombing was the first lethal attack by the Palestinians since Israel withdrew from Gaza last week

You'll notice that this was an Arab, a Bedouin serving in the IDF that was kiled by Hamas. Bedouins and Druse ( who are Arabs but not Muslims) have very little fondness for the Palestinians and serve proudly in the IDF defending their country.

Update: According to the Israeli Ministry of defense, a qassam rocket was lauched at SOuthern Israel.IDF troop are apparently in action near Khan Yunis, where the IAF hit a motorcycle whose rider was one of the Hamas fighters who set off the IED near the Kisufim crossing this morning.

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