Sunday, January 11, 2009

Watcher's Council Results 1/09/09

The Council has spoken! A complete rundown of the voting tallies is here.

In a week where a number of submission dealt with the Gaza War, among the Council members the honors this weeek went to The Razor for ‘Physician Shortage’ and the Free Market , a fine piece on how regional differences in compensation affect physician availability.

In second place was my satire on the hardships visited on the Gaza sex industry, It’s Hard Out There For A ( Hamas) Pimp ...Thanks, gang, as always.

Also getting votes were The Provocateur for Jews, Israel and the Democratic Party , Cheat-Seeking Missiles for Portrait of an Arse as a Dead Man, Rhymes With Rightfor On The Conflict Against Hamas, and Soccer Dad for Nyt: hamas upgrades = success / israel defends = disaster .

Among the non-Council entries, the winner was Ron Media for Some differences between Hamas and the Nazi Party.

In second place, was my nominee, Natan Sharansky/WSJ for “HOW THE U.N. PERPETUATES THE ‘REFUGEE’ PROBLEM”

As usual, congratulations not only to the winners, but to all the participants.

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