Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hezbollah Hits Northern Israel

Five Katushya rockets fired were fired from Lebanon at Israel this morning, hitting Nahariya, a city to the north of Haifa and scoring a direct hit on an old age home, injuring three people moderately. Another rocket hit in the town of Shlomi.

Hezbollah's al-Manur TV and and Lebanon's al-Mustaqbal confirmed the missile firings and said they were fired from Wadi Hamoud south of the Litani River. They also showed Lebanese troops in the area supposedly trying to determine who might have fired the rockets.

Lebanese PM Fouad Siniora was quick to state that his government was obligated under UN resolution 1701 to prevent attacks on Israel and that his government would investigate....especially after Israel's Northern command warned Lebanon that an attempt to open a second front in Northern Israel would lead to heavy retaliation.

Mohammed Fneish, a Hezbollah minister in Lebanon's Cabinet, denied any Hezbollah involvement.

But absolutely nothing happens in Lebanon without Hezbollah's OK, so at the very least, they had to have winked at it.

I seriously doubt Hezbollah would be silly enough to start something now. Israel's reserves have already been called up and there are ample troops armor and planes available to deal with Hezbollah if that becomes necessary, and that should make Nasrallah think twice about it.

The rockets were likely fired off by Palestinian groups affiliated with Hezbollah at Nasrullah's orders, so as to give Hezbollah plausible deniability while reminding Israel that he's still around.

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