Friday, January 09, 2009

Obama's Spooky Speech...

I've pretty much refrained from much criticism of president-in-waiting Barack Hussein Obama lately.

One of the most unpatriotic and frankly disgusting displays in American politics I've ever seen were the tantrums the Angry Left threw after George W. Bush was elected and then re-elected in 2004, and I had pretty much resolved to be better than that and not snipe at our new president until he took office, settled in and actually did something I disagreed with. We only have one president at a time, after all. And unlike some of Obama's critics on both the Left and Right, I respect him for saying so, and whether it came from sincere conviction or whether he simply wasn't sure what to say, he was exactly right.

But yesterday, Obama chose to give a widely reported speech on America's economy and his plans for it, and frankly it was ..well, spooky.

Here we have a situation where investors are panicked,where unemployment is over 7% and jobs are being shed like the autumn leaves, where there is a wide perception of corruption and cronyism in the financial sector, in Congress and the Federal government.

And Obama's solution? First of all, scare the peons even more by yakking it up about what a dire situation it is. ..none of that 'the only thing we have to fear is fear itself ' FDR-type rhetoric for the One!Second, declare that America will spend its way out of this and that BIG, BIG goverment is the only solution, along with a trillion dollar stimulus program funded by deficit spending.

Isn't that exactly what's been going on since October? And as consumers and the market reacted, things have gotten worse.

It sincerely makes me wonder whether the president-elect has been living in a cave for the last few months, that he somehow failed to notice that his economic plan for America is a prescription that has already been tried and actually made the patient sicker.

Big government, you see, does not create prosperity.If it did, the Soviets would have won the Cold War hands down. Government can enable properity by lowering taxes and regulations and instituting sound monetary and trade policies, but by it's very nature government does its best workbeing small and unobtrusive. What creates prosperity is commerce, low taxes, manufacturing and free markets.

If you look behind the platitudes,Obama, by contrast, wants to make government bigger and make it the engine of employment..and he'll pay for it all by simply adding to the deficit and spiking inflation by turning on the printing presses and printing more money.

Even a crack dealer would understand that as a recipe for economic disaster, and it's been a massive failure everywhere it's been tried.

All of his ideas aren't wacky. The concept of allowing business write downs to go back five years retroactively ain't bad, and neither is the idea of investing in infrastructure...provided we can afford it.

Or to put it in terms that every American family has had to deal with: If we want that, what are we prepared to cut back on to be able to afford it and not go broke?

Rather than cut back on government to afford infrastructure,Obama is going to borrow other people's money in order to afford both.

Unfortunately,unless his speech was mere political verbiage, that either makes him malignant or clueless. And either way, that's dangerous.


Anonymous said...

It's not just the 'Angry Left' (frankly, I think the angry & idiotic Michael Moore handed Bush the re-election in 2004,) which throws 'tantrums' & engages in 'most unpatriotic and frankly disgusting displays', it's also the 'Angry Right' (which was the best thing which ever happened to Clinton in 1992 -- the supporters of the nauseatingly self-righteous Bush Sr were trapping themselves in a ridiculously Herbert Hoover & George McGovern STYLE of campaigning & rhetoric, & Bush Sr was similarly & correctly squashed by the voters). The 'Angry Right' (particularly some of those characters spewed forth from places like Orange County in California) are every bit as offensive as the Hollywood Left nuts -- & as equally hateful towards us centrist, Fly-over Land residents (I'm using Fly-over Land as an affectionate form of self-mockery -- please don't go postal re this use of the term as you did last time!) I don't mean to single out California (I assume you're there), but as a former (long-ago) several-time resident of Northern California (& a one-time brief resident of LA in the 1970s), the things I recall most vividly re the politics are the vitriol of BOTH extremes (the so-called Left & the so-called Right in California) & the almost-complete absence of anything resembling a centre. As a lower-case 'l' libertarian, independent voter, I find little to commend either the Republicrats or the Demicans : I'm forced to examine each candidate individually -- not by Rep, Dem, Con-servative, glibberal labels : I wish more people would do the same. Both parties have been purely big-government parties since ca 1978 (notwithstanding the GOP rhetoric which they cart out for the naive suckers -- what did they abolish when they ran EVERYTHING -- House, Senate,Presidency -- ? Can you name a single Department, Agency, Ministry, or Bureau which they 'zero-lined', ie, simply refused to fund?) I'm hoping both parties will take this electoral shake-up of the last 2 elections as an opportunity to move out of the political shadows of Carter, Reagan, & Bush Sr, in particular, & Clinton & Bush Jr also -- the last 2 were at least from a different generation but were both too reliant on the old guards of their respective parties (& Bush Jr was almost Carter-esquely incompetent). Sorry for the length of this letter. Insomnia can leave me quite loquacious. -- Best Regards

Anonymous said...

This speech is spooky indeed. Whether he meant this about the increased spending and government regulation or if it is political verbiage at least there is some good news. The stimulus packagae along with other plans Obama has cannot come to pass. Congress won't allow it. All of this increased spending means more money has to be printed. Before too much longer we would be looking at hyper inflation. While Congressional pay and the Congressional pension plan is indexed for inflation, they would be unable to vote themselves raises fast enough to keep up with hyper inflation. In other words, these massive government programs would put many Congressional members in the poor house along with the rest of America. In summary, the increased spending won't happen. Obama and his big government leftist allies will be constrained by reality. At least this is the good newws. We won't be seeing socialized medicine or any of the other big government programs that Obama and his allies seem to want for the foreseeable future. We cannot afford them.

Now for something even more spooky. Recently I've heard some of Obama's biggest allies refer to the United States as "the most powerful country in the world." While the United States is still a powerful country, as I'm writing this, however, it is very debateable as to whether or not the US is the most powerful in the world. While the angry left was seeking complete control, it made sense to brand the country they hate with this label. It made the object they despise much easier to vilify. Surely they don't plan on governing as though the United States is definitely the "most powerful nation on earth." If they do, they and us could be in for a nasty shock.

Anonymous said...

I think it's easy to explain. Obama, like many on the left, are well-educated idiots. Big on theories, but totally lacking in common sense. How else can you explain why every city in America where they are the majority rule is a complete and quickly deteriorating MESS? Put them in charge with all their utopian theories...and you get crime, chaos and failure. And now they are running the whole country! Lucky us.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the "One" does it again. He is telling the American people his plans for our country. What I do not understand is why the majority of the American people cannot or perhaps refuse to see where he will take us if he actually does what he says he will do. I am a conservative in my views, but I am also very disappointed in the GOP. Until they can bring themselves back to the Reagan conservative views and policies, I see real decline for America.

I really like how Steve Elliott has translated the between the lines annotations of Obama's latest 'speech'. I have posted it on my website to hopefully reach some deceived Americans and open their eyes at

Anonymous said...

Hmm, will Mexicans be happy to stop a bullet on behalf of the USA? I don't think so. Try conscripting Mexicans into the US Army and see what happens.

Contrary to what liberal idiots think, a US passport doesn't make a Mexican: American.

To be a great military power means raising an army to match, which cannot be done through voluntary enlistment-especially in time of war.

Freedom Fighter said...

Emiscone...FYI, since 1998 there have been over 250,000 Americans who have earned their citizenship by serving in our military..and a number of them were Mexican.

You might also want to know that of all ethnic groups who have served in our military, Hispanics are first in medal of Honor recipients.

Thanks for dropping by. And for the record, I'm not either of Hispanic or Mexican origin.

Please think before you write this sort of thing next time, OK?