Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Latest On Gaza - The IDF Have Gaza City Surrounded

According to one of my notorious little birdies, the IDF have pretty much closed the ring around Gaza City, using variations of similar tactics they've used before to divide the Strip into three sections.

The IDF already controls the ground at the Hamas launching sites in the North Strip in what used to be Jewish communities around Netzarim and at Beit Hanoun in the north and has captured parts of the Zeitun refugee camp. They also took over the old airfield at Dahaniya.

At the same time, the Israeli navy dropped off IDF troops in an amphibious landing in the southern Philadelphi enclave which is the main artery for the weapons smuggling tunnels which supply Hamas and the IDF has almost completely taken this area over from Hamas.

The idea (which appears to have been fairly successful) is to isolate the different Hamas commands from one another, kill off or capture the Hamas jihadis outside the ring around Gaza City and isolate Hamas' main force in the tunnel complex know to Army intel as 'underground Gaza'. That's where Hamas' leaders and what's left of their fighters are holed up. And of course, it's built underneath civilian areas,

Given the diplomatic realities, a long siege isn't practical. Israel's best bet is to make the siege an actual one, with NOTHING coming in or out and no Israeli supplied electricity. Without the juice, it's not clear how long Hamas could survive underground,let alone launch any more rockets.

And if the rats still won't come out to play, the Israelis could always leaflet the areas above the tunnels to warn civilians to get out and then toss a JDAM to break through the tunnels..maybe followed by some napalm, for a nice halal Hamas-B-cue.

And then, to insure there are no more problems, the Israelis need to transfer most of the rest of the population to the Palestinian occupied areas of the West Bank, annex the area to Israel permanently and let the Jews turn it from a terrorist armpit into a garden,trade center and resort.

Since they're going to be accused of a 'massacre' a 'violation of international law' and an invasion of 'Arab land' anyway, they may as well secure it and reap the benefits.


Anonymous said...

I agree entirely with you view that the barbarians in Gaza need to be relocated, maybe to Iran, and that Israel needs to annex Gaza. Probably the same should be done with the West Bank. These thugs have proven time and again that they are unable to live peacefully with Israel or, for that matter, with anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you

who is the barbarian motherfucker. Hitler did the whole word a disservice by not finishing everyone of you devil motherfuckers. God damn you.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your assertion that the Gazans are like rats...they look like rats, they breed like rats, the make homes in holes underground. Rats are not scientists....rats are not poets...rats are not great thinkers....rats are not philanthropists or humanitarians. The question I have is how do rats contribute to the world we live in???

Freedom Fighter said...

Dear Anonymous 1:36 PM,
Well the Arabs certainly tried to help the Nazis all they could, didn't they...and are trying to complete his work in the present day. It's no accident that Mein Kampf is a bestseller in the Arab world.

Dear Anonymous 2:53 AM,
Please read the article more carefully. by 'rats' it is obvious that I am referring to the brave Hamas mujahadeen now courageously hiding behind women and children.

They appear to do much better fighting unarmed Israeli civilians than they do fighting the IDF.

While the majority of the people of Gaza do indeed bear responsibility for their current situation ( elections have consequences) there are a number of them that are simply caught up in a bad situation.

Not to realize that is to mirror the mentality of anonymous 1:36 PM and his desire to see all Jews exterminated.

Far better to relocate the Palestinians of Gaza to the Palestinian occupied areas of Judea and Samaria, where they can then ponder on whether peace with Israel might be better for them then their present course.


Cheapandunlocked said...

This writer has demonstrated the exact type attitude that breeds hatred and extremism. Who broke the ceasefire first? Israel did in Nov and two twice more before that. So, lets understand both sides have reasons to fight and to hate. Is Gaza not the worlds largest prison? With walls 100 feet high. If Gaza is an independent nation, what right does Israel have to say who its people elect, what right does Israel have to destroy the tunnels within its borders? Ok, so you kill all of them, does that make you happy? The people who behave this way, will meet the same fate that they have given to others. O Jews do you forget your covenant with God? God choose you above all nations, but you continue to transgress the laws of God? All of this will not go unnoticed. How many times God has had to teach you a lesson and disgrace you in the world?

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello Archana,
I'm uncertain if you're writing about me or the anonymous 2:53 I corrected, but I'll assume it's me.

I also assume from the florid language and the line about G-d disgracing the Jews that you're a Muslim.

I realize that the Qu'ran says that it's perfectly fine to lie to unbelievers, but according to most other religious traditions lying is a sin, and I'm afraid you're guilty.

The nonsense about Israel 'breaking the ceasefire' would be ludicrous if you and others like you didn't take it so seriously. Hamas is a genocidal organization, and they say so plainly. And since they took over the Gaza Strip, they've launched 6,000 missiles into Israel and killed 13 people, and this happened over a period of almost two years.

I realize you have a low opinion of Jews, but did you really expect Hamas to be able to get away with that forever? If Israel was any other nation,Hamas and the Gazans would be a memory now...

As for Gaza being a 'jail' what do you expect when their avoed intention is to murder people. They keep dangerous animals in confinement, don't they? And whil eI'm on th esubject, it seems your Egyptian Arab 'brothers' are part of that as well, no? But that's not surprising. It's not well known in the West, but you and I know that the Arabs have killed and expelled far more 'palestinians' than israel ever did...10,000 or more killed by King Hussein during Black September alone, remember? And do you recall thatth eEgyptians actually fired on Palestinians trying to escape Gaza through Rafah?

You really must find sites where the authors know nothing about th eMiddleEast topost this kind of nonsense and get away with it.

Perhaps if Hamas wasn't so fond of blowing up women and children, there wouldn't need to be walls.

I do agree with you that the Palestinians have the right to elect whatever wretched leadership they want to represent them.But there is nothing that says that Israel has to live in peace with a bunch a genocidal maniacs, and if the Palestinians choose such leaders...well, elections have consequences.

As for the last bit, If you look in the Torah, G-d did command the Jews to destroy Amalek and not make peace with them because of the Amalekites inherently evil nature. hAMAS OBVIOUSLY FITS THIS CATAGORY, AND The 'lessons' you speak of assuredly come from the Jews forgetting this lesson.

From the remark about G-d disgracing the Jews, I assume you also feel that the Holocaust was justifed,which is how a great many Muslims feel.

Well and good, but I would point out that every nation, no matter how powerful that has tried to destroy Israel and the Jews has ended up failing and being destroyed or severely reduced themselves..Babylon, Ancient Egypt, The Romans and the Nazis are history, but the Jews and Israel live on.

Looking at the misery the Palestinians have created for themselves by being dupes for the Arab jihad aganst the Jews, one can't help but think they woul dnave been far better off befriending Israel and living in peace with them.

Oh, I know,the Qu'ran says not to...pity.


Anonymous said...

The Arab leaders
The thirty pieces of silver

They're relaxing while slaughter
and genocide is taking place, how can those traitors manage to exist
while their own people are being tortured by those terrorists with uniform who call themselves an Israeli Army that makes any criminal blushes in shame, now at least everyone know as to why those Journalists and Reporters where not permitted inside Gaza in order to report the truth, the same exact thing happened in Jenin, no reporters were allowed in at all whatsoever, until they finished their genocidal activities.

Freedom Fighter said...

Get a new act, anonymous 1:41. Even the UN concluded that almost everyone killed in Jenin was a combatant, and there was no 'massacre.'

On the other hand, what your homies did in places like Dolphina, Ma'alot, Gush Etzion and the Moment Cafe definitely qualify as massacre attempts, and are enough to make any civilized person cheer the IDF on.

Your cowardly Arab warriors do pretty well against unarmed women and kids..against the IDF, man to man it's a different story.