Monday, January 12, 2009

Oz Forces Hit Good-O in Taliban Cockroach Stomp

Now this brought a smile to my face:

Australian special forces have killed a Taliban commander involved in recruiting suicide bombers and foreign fighters in Afghanistan, Australia's Defense Ministry said on Sunday.

The Taliban launched scores of suicide bombings across Afghanistan last year, mostly aimed at the 65,000 foreign troops in the country as well as Afghan forces. Most of the victims of the attacks are civilian passers-by, security experts say.

Mullah Abdul Rasheed was a "primary" facilitator of attacks using improvised bombs against foreign forces in the southern province of Uruzgan, the ministry said in a statement.

"The death of Mullah Abdul Rasheed is a significant achievement for the Special Operations Task Group," said Lieutenant General Mark Evans, Australia's chief of joint operations.

As a result, "we have significantly disrupted insurgent operations in Uruzgan province," Evans said.

Rasheed was a senior commander in the Baluchi valley, in Uruzgan province and was thought to be responsible for Taliban operations in the area and bringing in "potential suicide bombers," foreign fighters and bomb experts, the statement said.

Rasheed was killed in Uruzgan in an operation involving Australia's Special Operations Task Group.

Another drongo brought to his just reward by our friends and allies from Down Under..advance Australia fair indeed!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to teh Australian forces who carried out this mission. This American is eternally greatful for the assistance the Australians have provided us in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere in the War on Islamic Terrorism.

While the Australians have been very helpful in Afghanistan many other nations have not been. Specifically these are certain members of NATO who have not honored their troop committments.

Unfortunately for a variety of reasons some his fault and some not his fault President George W. Bush had become pure poison. As such, it would have been a pointless endeavor for Barack Obama or anyone else in the US government to press this issue with other NATO members.

One of the first things Mr. Obama should do when he officially enters into office is to make a concerted effort to enroll the help of other NATO members in Afghanistan. He should sing, dance, stand on his head, or WHAT EVER IT TAKES to get their help here. Winning in Afghanistan is absolutely crucial to the survival of America and Western Civilization. The Taliban poses a far greater threat to America than Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan ever did or likely ever could have.

Once again, many thanks to the Australian troops who carried out this mission. This American is eternally greatful to all of you. May God bless you and keep you and yours.