Monday, November 30, 2009

Aye, Jimmy! Scotland Brews World's Strongest Beer

Tactical Nuclear Penguin, at a mere 64 proof!

Booze maker BrewDog's new tipple - called Tactical Nuclear Penguin - is an incredible 32 per cent.{...}

Tactical Nuclear Penguin beats the previous world record of 31 per cent which was held by German beer Schorschbraer. It was placed in the Guinness Book of World Records yesterday after being tested by experts at Edinburgh's Heriot-Watt University.

The beer began as a 10 per cent imperial stout then was aged for 16 months in two different whisky casks.

It was then stored in a freezer at a chilly -20°C for three weeks to reach its massive alcohol level.

BrewDog boss James Watt said: "This beer is about pushing boundaries. It is about achieving something which has never before been done and putting Scotland firmly on the map for progressive, craft beers."

Yes, it certainly does do that. Although since only 500 bottles are being produced with prices starting at £30 ( almost sixty bucks American)I doubt many of us will be able to get the chance to sample the Penguin.

This sort of achievement brings back memories of one of my favorite holidays, Hogmany...ah, the smell and taste of whiskey and haggis and the sound of the pipes, wild Highland cries and the technicolor yawn...slanje'.

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